A Glimpse Into Our Life: April

Do you ever wish you could get a glimpse in to what life is like for other families? Well, I’ve decided to pop in each month to give you A Glimpse Into Our Life. I’ll share the good, the bad, and ugly, but I especially like to focus on the good!

A Glimpse Into Our Life

A Glimpse Into Our Life: April by This Little Home of Mine


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Around here these days, I’m…

hosting dinner guests…There have been a few families that we have been wanting to have over for dinner, and lately, we have been making it happen! When lots of little ones are involved, it can be tough to work out the logistics of this, but we are always glad when we do! We love having people over to our house, and we enjoy cooking for them! We recently made plans with a favorite family of ours – They were going to come over on a Monday night, and in order to keep things simple on a busy weeknight, we decided to order pizza. When we shared this idea with this sweet family, they offered to pick the pizza up on the way over to our house. I have never felt tackier…“Hey, come over to our house for dinner. I’m not going to cook. We’re just going to order pizza…and listen, would you mind picking the pizza up on the way over to our place?” Next time we invite that crew over, we’re cooking for them…no matter what night of the week it is!

celebrating Easter (and celebrating our girl)…See that photo in the top right-hand corner? That’s me [on Easter] with my littlest sweetie…and just in case you can’t tell, I’m crazy about her. She is lighting up our days in all kinds of ways, and when she smiles…well, let’s just say, her smile is just the best. Hubby and I both agree that it has this amazing way of easing any fears that we have about the future. Smiles are powerful. I’ve always believed that.

spending time with sweet friends and grandparents…Over the past few months, we have needed the support of our loved ones like never before, and we have been so thankful for the way many of our friends and family have dropped everything to come and be with us. My parents especially have been absolutely amazing – In big ways and small ways, they have shown up, and I could write for days about how they have encouraged us…all five of us. It has been a powerful reminder to me of how important it is to be there…to show up…in whatever way someone might need. Not always to talk…but to sometimes sit quietly. Not always to visit…but to sometimes simply drop a thoughtful token in their mailbox. Not always with gifts…but with a package of toilet paper. Yes, there have been times in my life when all I really needed was for someone to restock my bathrooms with t.p. We’ve all been there.  Thank you, Mom.

renewing my driver’s license…I can’t believe how easy it is now to renew your driver’s license online! I recently did this, and in two clicks of a button, my new license was on its way. (I think I may have done this the last time as well.) I had a couple of thoughts, though… First of all, I am greatly concerned that people of all ages are able to quickly renew their license this way. As individuals age, are there ever any eye exams? Etc? and Secondly (speaking of the elderly), when my license arrived, I took one look at my next renewal date…and when I realized the age I am going to be the next time I renew my license…well, let’s just say, there may have been tears.

waiting at Chick-fil-a…I fear that I am going to spend the next several years of my life waiting in line at Chick-fil-a. Our local restaurant recently went through a remodel – This meant that they were closed for several weeks, and I DID NOT appreciate the fact that they failed to ask my permission first, but annnnywayyyy, this whole remodeling thing was supposed to speed up the drive-thru line(s). I am here to report that the situation is not looking good…Since the day they reopened, I have found their new and improved two-line drive-thru to be slower than ever. The other day, I waited in line for a frozen coffee, and it took 30 minutes. Yes, you heard me correctly. 30 Minutes! However, I would wait for 3 hours to sip on one of those new frozen coffees – Have you tried them?

drinking frozen coffee…Have I mentioned that I am loving frozen coffees from Chick-fil-a? *smile* It’s a new thing, right? It’s new at our location, and I can’t get enough. The dangerous thing is that they are cheaper and have fewer calories than similar drinks from Starbucks, so that makes the whole thing dangerously justifiable. Before I tried my first one, I was warned that it may keep me up all night. “Nah, I said, I’m drinking this thing in the early afternoon…I’ll be all good by bedtime.” Nope. I was up until somewhere between 1am-2am. I did four loads of laundry…tidied up our family room…deep-cleaned my kitchen…reorganized AND relabeled my seasonal bins…and put away several stacks of papers that had needed to be filed for months. I’ve decided that this drink is full of magic beans…and I’m dreaming about next one…and so are my bathrooms because they could use a good cleaning!

playing outside…Spring has definitely sprung, and the warmer weather has us getting outdoors more and more! We’ve been spending time at the playground…taking more walks in the neighborhood…and playing out in the yard as much as possible! I’ve got Farmer’s Markets and trips to the strawberry patch on the brain! Tis the season!

sneezing…Yes, spring is in the air, and so is the pollen! I am itching and sneezing…and sneezing some more…but I’m willing to deal with it so I can play outside with my littles…well, we actually stay indoors a good bit ’til daddy comes home and can offer a second set of hands….that’s just the season we’re in right now…

…and while it’s a wild season…it’s a sweet one.



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