A Glimpse Into Our Life: January

Do you ever wish you could get a glimpse in to what life is like for other families? Well, I’ve decided to pop in each month to give you A Glimpse Into Our Life. I’ll share the good, the bad, and ugly, but I especially like to focus on the good!

A Glimpse Into Our Life by This Little Home of Mine


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A Glimpse Into Our Life

Around here these days, I’m…

…writing thank-you notes! Do you write thank-you notes? My mama trained me to always, always, always send a thank-you note, so around here, the post-holiday season includes lots of card writing. I am blessed to know so many thoughtful people, and I want all of them to know how much I appreciate that they think of us during the holidays. How do I communicate that? With a thank-you note. I would send them a good ol’ fashioned southern casserole, but then they would have to send me a thank-you note, and that would just mess up the whole thing.

…cleaning, sorting, organizing, and putting things away! Following the holidays, I always feel the urge to purge and the urge to organize! Just before the holidays, we like to do a whole-house purge to make room for the new items we know will be coming. I clean out our clothes’ closets. I clean out the kitchen cabinets. I have the kids help me clean out their playroom. Hubby tries to tackle the office and the garage. You get the idea. As Christmas comes to a close and we start putting away our new things, we clean, sort, and do just a smidge more purging! It’s a great feeling to start the new year off this way! This all takes a little bit of time – okay sometimes a whole lot of time, and I’m not always finished by January 1st, but I try!

…having a hard time letting go of the holidays. Over the holidays, we got to see so many special family members as well as some friends who feel like family, and we loved every second of it. Living out of town away from relatives can be really tough, so we cherish our time with them…whenever we can get it! I have felt really sad about packing away our little gal’s first Christmas…especially if this was the last time for us to have a newborn in the house at this time of year…but I have tried to embrace the sweet memories we made and move forward with excitement for a new year and new milestones for our sweet gal. She really is the sweetest thing. She has been completely worth every ounce of the sickness I was dealing with at this time last year. I would go through that 1,000 times over for her!

…still wearing maternity clothes – for the most part. It takes me awhile to get back in my regular clothes. When I say awhile, I mean a year…or so. Following baby, I go back to a low sugar/low carb lifestyle (my m.o. except for when I’m pregnant), and this time around, I hit the gym at four weeks postpartum. I.am.not.a.runner. but an elliptical machine and a little bit of strength training…I can handle that, and I’ve remained pretty consistent with this. I’m forty pounds lighter than when I left the hospital, but I still have 30 pounds to go. I’ll keep you posted.

Note to Self: Drink.more.water.

Disclaimer: The above paragraph should have included a confession regarding the 20 sugar cookies I enjoyed over the holidays, but I just couldn’t bring myself to tell you. 

…drinking lots of coffee. A bag of Red Velvet Coffee was wrapped up under the tree for me this year! Flavored items such as this are usually either really good…or really bad. This coffee is delicious…and can I tell you what I’ve been adding in for creamer? Wait, never mind. You’ll think I’m weird…but I will tell you that it’s a creamer that has Cinnabon in the name. Oops. I think I just gave away my secret.

…lesson planning for the coming months. I have been working on homeschool lesson plans for my little ones – thinking through the spring and summer months as well as what we’re hoping to do next fall and winter! As a former classroom teacher, I am really enjoying teaching my kiddos at home!

…playing new games! I hadn’t lived until I played Don’t Break the Ice and Don’t Spill the Beans with my two oldest kiddos! They love these games, and I love the laughter that comes along with playing these games with them!

…planning for 2016. At the start of a new year, I love breaking in a new calendar. While our on-line calendar is helpful at times, I still prefer an old-fashioned hard copy day planner. The first thing I do is go through and mark everyone’s birthday, special anniversaries, holidays, and any other important dates! Next, I fill in any upcoming appointments, activities, trips, etc. that have already been scheduled. Then, I start thinking through what kinds of things we – as a family – want to do this year. We love trying new things, so at the start of each year, I create somewhat of a bucket-list for the year. If there is a festival we want to attend…a zoo we want to visit…a park where we want to play…an outdoor spot where we want to have a picnic…a trail we want to hike….a restaurant we want to try, we put it on the calendar IN PENCIL! Penciling in a tentative plan (especially at the start of a new year or new season) has made it possible for us to remember our ideas and actually make them happen! If we aren’t able to make it to something, that’s okay – maybe next year; If we decide we don’t want to do it, that’s okay, too – we simply do something else; But this way, we have somewhat mapped out the next few months, and unless something else more important comes up, that is what we will plan to do.

…taking care of an injured hubby. While we were taking down our outdoor Christmas decorations, my hubs had an unfortunate accident with a utility knife. An emergency room visit and a handful of stitches later, he is on the mend, and we are so, so thankful that it wasn’t any worse than it was! This was the second time this season that I found myself frantically throwing three kids in to car seats and peeling out of the driveway to head to the emergency room. If you follow along with me on Instagram, you may remember my middle child’s Thanksgiving  adventures with a pair of scissors! Yes, we are hoping that 2016 does not include any more visits to the emergency room!

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