A Glimpse Into Our Life: July

Do you ever wish you could get a glimpse in to what life is like for other families? Well, I’ve decided to pop in each month to give you A Glimpse Into Our Life. I’ll share the good, the bad, and ugly, but I especially like to focus on the good!

A Glimpse Into Our Life

A Glimpse Into Our Life: July by This Little Home of Mine


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Around here these days, I’m…

writing a book…Yes, if you’ve not yet heard, I am in the final editing stage of my e-book: Homeschooling Your Preschooler. Since launching This Little Home of Mine, I have had a growing number of moms gathering in this space to learn and grow along with me as we spend time learning at home with our little ones. Their encouragement and questions have been the driving force behind my creating this new product, and I can not wait to get it in your hands! Launch Day is August 1st! If you want more details, sign up here!

pickin’ up groceries…A few years ago, I shared my love of a grocery delivery service that I had found in our area. The only problem? They weren’t charging anything for their service, so they quickly went out of business. My husband warned me this would happen, but I chose to live in my dream world for as long as possible. After the tragic end to what I had considered one of the best things to ever happen to me, I started using Harris Teeter’s grocery pick-up service. However, recently we have discovered that our local Wal-mart AND Sam’s Club also offer grocery pick-up! We order online and then swing through the designated pickup lanes! Now all I need is a drive-thru post office! I hear some areas have these, so we’re considering moving…just kidding…I think.

planning birthday celebrations…All three of our kiddos have a birthday around the same time of year, so we are in the middle of planning a shindig where we celebrate all of them! These birthday parties we throw are actually super low-key gatherings where we invite grandparents and immediate aunts and uncles – nothing huge, but I do like to make them really special. I think birthdays are one of the best things in life to celebrate.

homeschooling…I recently shared that we spend the summer learning, learning, and learning as much as possible. For us, this looks like fun little activities and weekend field trips with daddy. Our kids are still itty bitty, so they think this is super fun, and I love taking advantage of our down time to provide them with additional opportunities to soak in all kinds of new experiences!

spending time with daddy…The 4th of July weekend gifted us with some extra daddy time! Baby girl got lots of extra cuddle sessions with her favorite guy, and the boys were over the moon to have him join us for a trip to a local aquarium. The whole adventure was overpriced…and the kids acted slightly crazy…but we had fun together…Did I mention I was glad to have David’s help for this little outing?

dating my hubby….On the last night of hubby’s extended weekend, we went on a date night! Crab Dip…Salmon and Risotto…Cheesecake and Coffee…needless to say, dinner was delish! We are bad about letting too much time pass between date nights. We have got to do better about grabbing a sitter and getting out of the house together! Every once in awhile it’s fun to go out to eat with my guy – without any strollers, diaper bags, highchair covers, sippy cups, disposable bibs, disposable stick-on placemats, moist towelettes, and hand sanitizer.

dating my boys…This summer, I have enjoyed having my Mommy’s Helpers assist me at home! This week, one of them is making it possible for me to take my boys on one-on-one dates. This morning, I took my middle man to storytime and then to the park, and tomorrow, I’m taking my oldest out for a similar adventure. My husband and I have really tried to make one-on-one time with our little ones a priority, but making it happen can definitely feel like a juggling act for us! Moral of the Story: I love my Mommy’s Helpers.

browsing through Melissa Michaels’ books…Have you heard of The Inspired Room Blog? I recently got my hands on The Inspired Room and Love the Home You Have – I reserved them at the library, and I have really enjoyed looking through them! I tried to place her new book on hold, but when I realized that I was #30 on the waiting list (I am not exaggerating!), I decided to go ahead and order it from Amazon! Make Room for What You Love arrived this week, and I can’t wait to read it. I love a good read about getting organized! Her encouragement is practical, and she has yet to mention anything about thanking my socks…if you know what I’m sayin’. 😉

eating pancake muffins…Did you see these little cuties that I posted on Instagram? They are so much fun and so easy to make! Pancake batter and fixin’s are all baked in a muffin pan, and of course we read a few pancake books while we eat, because this teacher simply can not help herself.

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