A Glimpse Into Our Life: November & December

Do you ever wish you could get a glimpse in to what life is like for other families? Well, I’ve decided to pop in each month to give you A Glimpse Into Our Life. I’ll share the good, the bad, and ugly, but I especially like to focus on the good!

This round of A Glimpse Into Our Life includes a peek in to our November & December, and this will be the last Glimpse Post for 2016! Wow! I can’t believe it!

A Glimpse Into Our Life

A Glimpse Into Our Life - November & December by This Little Home of Mine

Around here these days, I’m…

missing Disney World. We recently took a trip to Disney in Orlando, Florida, and we had so much fun! I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to take the kids back as soon as possible…well, as soon as I get caught up on all of the laundry. (Why does traveling create 10X the laundry?)

feeling thankful. Thanksgiving was such a sweet day for us! We have had so much to be thankful for this year – including being grateful that this year’s Turkey Day didn’t include a trip to the emergency room to get stitches for one of the boys – like last year! ha! A few years ago, we made the decision to stop traveling for Thanksgiving. This was definitely a bittersweet choice for us, and while we miss being with our extended family (We miss it so, so much!), we have loved spending a relaxing day at home together…well, except for the Thanksgiving E.R. Visit of 2015.

celebrating my Granny. November is my Granny’s birthday month, and this year, my aunt decided to throw her a surprise party. We had never done that for her before, and it was so much fun. She was truly surprised, and we all loved being together celebrating her. She’s sweet and feisty, loves Yahtzee and crossword puzzles, makes the best carrot cake in town (and I usually don’t care much for carrot cake), shares my love of Hallmark movies, speaks her mind every time, and loves us a whole lot.

trying my best to find moments to rest. These days, life is busy…it just is. With school and church and extra curricular activities and adventures we like to go on as a family, we stay on the go. Recently, we took a hard look at our calendar and scaled back where we were able, but at times, things still feel a little full. In a sense, I think that’s just life, and while we enjoy much of the busy that comes along with our day-to-day, we have been working hard to find moments to rest…and in our season of life, that’s exactly what we usually get…moments. ha! Whether it be coffee to myself…or a magazine on the couch…I need a few minutes to recharge here and there, and I’ve been working hard to creatively fit them in where I can.

holiday homeschooling. I am crazy about this time year! There are so many fun ways to incorporate the holidays in to our learning, and our mornings have been so fun lately. I truly love spending my mornings with my kids. It’s not always easy…sometimes I feel really tired…sometimes the coffee is slow to work its magic, but lately, I have really been soaking up how much I enjoy learning with them at home.

wrapping presents. Yesterday, I wrapped one of my hubby’s presents and placed it under the tree. Wanna know what it was? A big box of garbage bags. Don’t tell your husband….I’m sure he’d be jealous. Long Story Short: My husband is all about his landscaping projects, and I found him these fantastic (yes, fantastic) lawn and leaf bags that he is going to love. Don’t worry. I promise I have some additional gift ideas in mind for him.

Shutterflying. Yes, I have created a new word. Shutterflying, and it is very much a verb. This is the time of year when I put together our annual family yearbook. Each year, I create a September to August album – complete with photos, excerpts from the letters I write to my kids, etc. – and when it arrives, I wrap it up and put it under the tree for my crew to look through on Christmas morning. This project takes a good bit of time…and the whole proofing thing makes me crazy…and then timing my order just right to have the coupon codes I need to get a great deal is also this whole thing…but I’m always glad I did it.

opting out. Between our trip to Disney World, our trip out of state for my Granny’s birthday, and a few other recent commitments we’ve had, we’ve found ourselves opting out of a lot of the usual activities we do around this time of year. There have been several festivals, parades, events, etc. that we typically head off to around the holidays, but this year, we’re taking a rain check and it has actually been kind of nice. It’s given us a little space to rest and to make room for a few new traditions which has been fun. This past week, we went to the Children’s Theater and saw The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and it was so, so good! As part of our homeschool for this year, we purchased a ticket package to our local children’s theater performances, and it has been the perfect fit for my crew. Even with as little as Aubrey is, she loves the shows…well, the first 15-20 minutes of them anyway.

cutting my hair. In 2013, I made my first donation to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program! I love the great work they’re doing, and I have been wanting to make another donation, so I did it! On the way to the salon, I wasn’t quite sure whether or not I was ready to take the plunge, but last night, my hair dresser chopped off 10 inches! It felt great – even though yes, I miss my long hair! My hope is to eventually donate again…and then maybe again! Women in my own family have battled breast cancer, and being a part of Pantene’s program gives me a way to remember them and honor their courage!

looking ahead to January. I have never, ever, ever liked the month of January, and January 2016 was especially HARD for our family. This next year, however, we are taking a couple of days in the month January…dates that were especially difficult for us last year…and making them days of celebration. In our house, January 15th has been declared “Aubrey Day”. It’s the day we received the official word on her Down Syndrome Diagnosis, and in just a few weeks, that date will roll around on the calendar, and our family has a special day planned. It is going to be a day filled with gratitude and joy…It is going to be day where we celebrate God’s goodness instead of remembering our initial shock…and we would like to invite you to join us in our celebration. On January 15th, will you CHOOSE JOY? Will you wake up with an attitude of gratefulness and go throughout your day being intentionally mindful of God’s goodness in your life? I know we should do these things every day, but January 15th is going to be extra special for us this year, and we would love for you to be a part of it! 

Until 2017…

Much Love,


“He has been with me…and He has watched over me…and He has been faithful…all along my journey.”

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  1. Choosing joy! What a wonderful way to honor the gift of life that God has given to Aubrey – and your family! I’ll be giving thanks with you all on January 15th!

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