This round of A Glimpse Into Our Life includes a peek into our life lately.

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Around here these days, I’m…

still reading through baby cases. Thank you for praying for us as we continue to wait as a hopeful adoptive family. At the moment I’m typing this, we have now seen around 100 cases! We have said YES to almost 60 of those and 3 of those are still outstanding at the moment.

We have been so grateful for your support and encouragement, especially from so many of you who have walked this path yourself. Thank you for sharing your stories and lifting us up as we wait.

Interested in learning more about what this has looked like for us over the last couple of years? We have shared about the home study process, what it has looked like to receive cases, the process of saying YES to specific situations, etc.

Adoption - Family Photo of Our Family

saying goodbye. We are currently in the process of saying goodbye to my father-in-law. For quite some time, he has been in a nursing room, and in recent days, he has been transitioning to the end.

We have been working hard to keep our kids’ schedule as normal as possible this week. Please pray for their little hearts as they lose one of their grandpas.

This will be their first grandparent loss – David and I were both older when we walked through this with our grandparents, so this is new territory for us.

As we’ve had our babies, my father-in-law always loved coming to the hospital to hold the new baby. If God gifts us with more little ones, I am especially going to miss him being there to meet them.

Adoption - Family Photo of the Kids

sharing new recipes. Thanks to some help from some amazing behind-the-scenes women who are working alongside us as This Little Home of Mine grows, we have been able to roll out some of our favorite family recipes.

Many of these are recipes we’ve loved for years but simply never been able to make all the leg-work happen to roll them out to our friends here in this space!

Recently Added to our Site:

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Coming Soon:

  • Oatmeal Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Large Chocolate Chip Cookies Sitting on a White Plate

packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Our current family circumstances have required some adjustment to some of the traditions we usually enjoy this time of year, but that’s okay! Over the years, we have had lots of practice in making the best of things – in CHOOSING JOY even when things are hard.

We didn’t get to do all of the usual festivities that are typically a part of our packing shoeboxes together as a family – but this week, the kids and I pulled out our bin of goodies and got four boxes packed and dropped off at our church.

If you’re currently working on packing your box, you might enjoy this peek into our shoebox packing tradition!

Our Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes - This Little Home of Mine

listening to Christmas music. Our tree isn’t up quite yet, but the Christmas music has been playing.

Since I was a little girl, Steven Curtis Chapman’s Christmas music has been the soundtrack to my holidays. Also loving Matthew West’s new Christmas song this year!

How fun is it that Great American Family is using his song as their theme for the season? We are really enjoying their Christmas movies and are thrilled to have their channel to enjoy throughout the holidays this year!

Last Year’s Christmas Morning Photo:

A Glimpse Into Our Life - New Year 2022