This round of A Glimpse Into Our Life includes a peek into our life lately.

Around here these days, I’m…

celebrating my 40th birthday. Wow! I can’t believe my 40th birthday has come and gone!

I LOVE my birthday. Every year, I celebrate all month long and send my friends texts reminding them not to forget my big day – ha! (I’m not kidding – they can tell you this is true.)

I’ve gotta tell you, though – I was feeling a little sad about this one – I cried when I turned 30 and I shed a few tears leading up to this one as well. I think the grief over the baby/babies not joining our family as we’d hoped was playing into this a good bit –

But the actual week of my birthday was filled with SO much love and SO many reminders that I have SO much to be thankful for – Thank you, Lord, for this life! You have been so faithful to me!

We spent some time at the beach…

…then Hubby threw a surprise party…

(I have ALWAYS wanted a surprise party!)

…and then the actual day of my birthday was spent in the small town where we lived for six years when I was a little girl!

Around my 10th birthday (30 years ago) we moved away from this little town in Ohio –

So for my birthday, David rented a giant van for all of us, my parents, and one of our closest family friends to travel north for the afternoon.

We spent the day visiting our favorite spots there – We ate at the ice cream shop we loved, drove by the house we lived in there, explored a few other locations that were meaningful to us – but the most special part of the day was visiting the church my dad pastored when we lived there – the church where I got saved!

As a six year old little girl, my heart and life were forever changed during a Vacation Bible School we had there in the summer of 1990. Yes, this stop on our visit made me cry – Standing there, I actually thought my heart was going to explode!

Thank you, Lord – I am so grateful!

My advice if you’re getting ready to turn 40? or 50? or 60?

Leading up to the big day, feeling sorry myself wasn’t doing anybody any good!

So I decided to really try to focus on being grateful – and finding ways to serve and give! These things really helped to get me outside of myself and the little pity party I was seemingly having! haha

When the big day actually came, I was fine…just fine! However, if you ask me my age now, I might say 39 – now and forever. ha!

continuing to work through donating our baby items. (This was also included in a previous post, but we have left it here in this update for those who may have missed it. We realize there have been many of you praying for us throughout this journey.)

As many of you know, a very long and difficult adoption journey has seemingly come to an end for our family. Though our current home study doesn’t expire until November, transitioning from a hopeful adoptive family to Maybe this isn’t going to be part of our story. has been really difficult.

One of the most difficult pieces of this has been donating the closet full of items we had ready to go for our maybe baby/babies – some of which you, our online friends, had provided.

The items in that closet went to our local pregnancy center, and I have to say, when it came time to drop off the donations, we did what we always do – we decided we were going to make a party of it! The kids helped carry in diapers, wipes, baby food, and more – and we chose to celebrate how good it feels to share with others. God was so faithful in those moments to comfort my heart and give me peace – but saying this hasn’t been tough would be lying.

Following that, there was another piece of this I had to face – clearing out all of the other baby things we had held on to from when our kids were younger – the bouncy seat, the pack and plays, the baby carriers, all of that. Should I continue holding on to these items for something that may not ever happen or share them with someone else who can benefit from them right now? I knew what I needed to do and so I’ve been slowly making my way through those items.

Some of the items were a great fit for donating to the local pregnancy center, and then there were other items we put on Facebook Marketplace. A few weeks ago, the baby gates were picked up off the front porch.

In ways, each little step of this letting go process feels like a punch in the gut – in another way, it feels good to trust that God knows and if He would ever gift our family with another child to love, He would provide everything we need…but it sure was hard to let that playpen go.

I do have to tell you – it has been amazing…as families have picked up items from the porch, there have been several who have messaged and said they were using the items for children they were fostering, grandchildren that had been adopted into their family, etc. It has felt like such a kindness from God to hear these stories of how He is using these items in those very specific ways. One lady told me that a couple of the play yards she picked up were going to be used for her chickens – I decided to be thankful for that, too! Lol!

trying new recipes. Do you save a lot of screen shots in your phone? I feel like most of the screenshots I take are of recipes I want to try! Recently, I’ve been trying to work through those recipes – and actually make them happen for my family.

I have found some delicious ones. For example, last night we tried this Boursin Chicken from Salt & Lavender. It was delicious!

Last month, we tried this Boursin Tortellini from Easy Eats. It reminded me of the Crock Pot Tortellini Recipe on my website here – but I have to say, I think hers was better!

Why all the Boursin? Well, it was on my Ibotta deals for awhile and I stocked up – haha! Do you use Ibotta? I’ve been getting back into it recently, and it’s really been helping with the cost of groceries!


Anyway, back to the recipes: This Margherita Pasta Salad is a new favorite, and we’ve also tried some yummy cookie recipes!

This 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe has been our top pick so far this summer. We’ve already added our version of it to our site!

experiencing new stages of homeschooling. Some of you have been following along with us since my oldest son was in preschool! WOW! Would you believe he is in middle school now?

Middle School Student Working on a Laptop

Last year, Caleb was part-time with Liberty University’s Online Academy. This coming year, he is planning to do their full-time program, and he is really excited about that!

His younger brother might possibly be joining him in taking some classes LUOA, but we’re still working through some of those decisions.

Middle School Student Working on a Laptop

We are still very new to the program, so while I’m not sure I’m your best resource for it just yet – I will say that their website and social media/emails are really helpful if you’re interested in getting started with them. You can also have a phone call with them! That was a great help to me when we were first getting set up last year.

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