Adoption: A Change for Us

If you’re new to our adoption story, you can read about the beginning of our journey here – our home study, when we went active, as well as what it has looked like to say YES to presenting our adoption profile to expectant mamas:

Along the way (It’s been over two years now!), we have shared about how this time of waiting has felt for us.


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The last time we posted an updated, we found ourselves asking “What is God doing?”

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Honestly, we are still at this very moment asking that same question, but shortly after we shared those thoughts with you, we made a change.

We transitioned from the large consultant agency we had been working with from the beginning to a much smaller adoption consultant group.

I had feared that a change like this at any point would feel like we were starting from scratch. I worried that the transition would take an extended amount of time and require us to do an extensive amount of paperwork beyond what we have already done.

Thankfully, that did not at all turn out to be the case!

We were able to very quickly transition. Well, it was quick compared to the wait we’ve experienced with other things along the way in our adoption journey so far.

There is nothing really beyond this to share about this change – we simply felt like it was going to be a better fit for our family.

Friends, you have been such an encouragement to us. So many of you have emailed us and shared your family’s story of waiting…and wondering…and hoping…and praying…and waiting some more. This has meant the world to us to know that other families have walked this road and seen God do exceedingly abundantly beyond anything they could’ve ever asked or thought. (Ephesians 3:20-21)

It sure has felt like a long wait…but I know some of you have waited even longer. I admire those of you who have walked this road (or a similar one!) and am specifically grateful for your prayers for our longing hearts.

With our new consulting group, we have already started seeing cases. The process of seeing those situations, saying yes, and waiting to hear back works very much the same as we shared here.

It is an emotional rollercoaster, no doubt. In fact, during the handful of weeks we spent switching everything over to the new consultants, we found ourselves craving extra sleep…and sleeping harder than we’d slept in months.

I’m not sure I had really understood what a toll it had been taking on me.

Those weeks were really refreshing.

As anxious as I was to get back to seeing cases again, we needed a bit of a break…a breather. In a way, it was really nice to not be engaged in a 24-7 watch over my email inbox.

Couple Sitting in Kitchen

So while my mama’s heart would love for this post to include the news that we’d matched with a family…or that a baby has already joined our family…we continue to wait.

The thoughtful emails you send, the encouraging texts you share, those kind words you speak over us when we run into your family in public, the prayers you’ve prayed for us in the quiet…you’ll never know how those things have held us up in our wait.

No matter what – to Him be the glory!

God, we trust You.

We put our Hope in You.

Help us rest in You as we wait to see the story You’ve written for us.

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  1. I am Happy to see you both as you are, I think God made a wonderful life for you and your children. It reminds me of a way life should be and I am Happy for All of you to be a Family.
    Thank you for the Recipes and Sweet Stories. God Bless!🐈

    Glenda Whittington

    1. says:

      Thank you so much, Glenda – Appreciate your kind words! You are a such a thoughtful and encouraging friend!

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