Friends, here I’ve compiled a list of questions that have recently come into my inbox – Adoption FAQs!

Answering them here for you!

If you’re new to This Little Home of Mine, welcome!

Our Family - This Little Home of Mine

Are you working with a specific agency?

We are not currently working with one specific adoption agency but with adoption consultants who partner with multiple agencies around the country – providing us with a wider variety of situations to consider. If your family would be interested in looking into this option, you may want to consider:

Both of these consulting groups offer Free Consultations where you can schedule a phone call with them to discuss their services, etc. This can be so helpful when you’re getting started and have loads of questions.

How much do you expect your adoption to cost?

This is a complicated question as it depends on many, many factors. For us, there have been consulting fees, paperwork fees, fees related to our Home study, etc. As cases come through, the costs vary depending on the situation, the state where the expectant mom is located, the needs of the specific situation, etc. Families can also expect finalization fees following the placement of their child. In total, we are looking at total expenses most likely ranging between $50,000-$100,000.

Have you heard back on all your outstanding cases?

At the time I’m writing this, we have heard back on all of our outstanding cases. In our most recent Adoption Update, we shared that we were waiting to hear back on three different cases. Each of those families have made their adoption plans and are moving forward. It has now been a couple of weeks since we’ve seen any new cases! The state of the world has made this more sporadic – definitely not as many cases coming through as before March 2020, but we are trusting in the waiting. (This is easier said than done sometimes.)

How many cases have you seen?

Over the course of the past seven months, we have seen around 40 cases, and we have said YES to a third of those.

Why aren’t you fostering instead of adopting a newborn?

In addressing the orphan crisis, I believe there are roles all of us can play! For us, in this season, we believe that God has called our family to come alongside an expectant mom who has chosen life for her baby, a different kind of waiting child, and offer a tangible provision of hope. This is where our heart is at this time…this is where we feel God has called us and equipped us right now. We’re not exactly sure how our story will look, but we have said YES to whatever story God has written for our family, and we would be so grateful for your prayers.

Our Family - This Little Home of Mine

How does a Home Study Work?

If you’re new to our adoption journey, you can read about the beginning of our journey here – our home study, when we went active, as well as what it looks like to say YES to cases:

If you have any other questions, we would love to answer them for you!

No matter what happens in our story, we want it to be an encouragement to our online family as they pursue what God has written in the pages of their unique story.

Adoption: We're Active!

Since we’ve gone active, we have received emails from some of our friends here saying that our saying YES to adoption has given them the courage to take that same step. My heart does a happy dance every time I see an email like that! Sometimes the scariest things in life can end up being the best things. Let’s do big scary eternal things together.