Adoption: Meeting an Expectant Mom

If you’re new to our adoption story, you can read about the beginning of our journey here – our home study, when we went active, as well as what it has looked like to say YES to presenting our adoption profile to expectant mamas:

Along the way (It’s been over two years now!), we have shared about how this time of waiting has felt for us.


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While the wait has not at all gotten easier, the peace as we wait has continued, and for that, we are so grateful.

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A couple of weeks ago, we emailed those of you on our Adoption Email List and requested prayer about a case we had received and chosen to present to that week.

We said YES, and then a few days later, we heard that the expectant mom had looked at the profile books of families from her home state and chosen two prospective families to consider.

When we receive an email update like that, it means we begin looking ahead to the next case we will receive in our inbox.

Not this time.

The next week, our consultant called us and told us this mom had decided she wanted to look at more profiles.

She was willing to consider families who may not be from her home state…but who like to travel to the state where she lives. We fit that description.

The next day, she looked at our profile book and decided she wanted to schedule a Zoom call with us.

You see, all those many cases we have said YES to over these last couple of years, truth be told – there are probably very few of those situations that involved us actually getting into the hands of the expectant mother.

The situation with our new consultants is different – we know a lot more about what’s happening and when it’s happening, and what a huge change that has been for us!

To know we had actually been seen was an exciting feeling!

Hearing that a mom wanted to get to know us better was pretty special!

We had our call the next day, and it was beautiful!

You could tell this mama loved her baby girl so much and was working really hard to make the best decisions for her. We were blown away by her heart and could not get over all the many different ways we connected.

When the call was over, everyone involved was pretty sure what was going to happen next…

…but this mama had also scheduled a call with another family from her home state, and though the connection with them was different – in the end – she felt most comfortable choosing the family that lived closest to her.

She had actually scheduled a second morning of Zoom calls – another call with us and another call with them.

However, moments before the call was supposed to begin, we received word that she had gone ahead and made her choice.

That’s the beautiful thing about this – the expectant mom gets to make the decisions.

She is empowered to make choices she feels are best for her and her baby, and while this week was an emotional one…and this news was difficult to hear…we are so happy for her – and so happy for the family who received the call that they had been chosen to walk this journey with her.

I feel so grateful.

I feel so grateful that I can trust God’s plan for our family…and for her life…and for her baby’s future.

I can rest in knowing that He is sovereign and in complete control of each and every piece of this story.

So while this wasn’t an easy part of our journey so far, I am thankful we got to meet this mom and hopefully encourage her in some way. I am thankful for how it may be preparing us for the future. I am thankful that my God has seen the end of the story and I can have peace as I walk close to Him on this road.

I totally trust Him – in my disappointment, He is there…reminding me that He knows best.

He has never failed – and He won’t start now.

Right as all of this was happening, I received an email from one of you, and these words meant so much to me:

I look back at the timing of each of our adoptions and it truly was so ideal even though it was a different plan than I had on my own. I know when you are in the middle of the waiting season, it is easy to feel like God has forgotten you and everyone else’s adoption is going so much faster or easier than yours. I just felt prompted to stop and write to you today.

Friends, you truly never know what an encouraging word in someone’s inbox might mean to them.

Thank you for loving us and praying for our family!

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  1. Your faith and trust in God’s mercy is a powerful example to all those who are in a “waiting” phase in life. On this Pentecost (birthday) of the church-
    May the Holy Spirit continue to fill your hearts and lives with the gifts you most need as you continue to follow Him wherever He is leading you.

    1. says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage us, Karen! It is such a gift to us right now – especially as we wait!

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