Adoption: We’re Active!

PART TWO: Back in April, we shared that we had begun the Adoption Home Study process, and what a wild ride that was! Within three weeks, we completed all of the paperwork involved, and then once that was completed and approved, we moved into several weeks of interviews and home visits with our caseworker. In between our visits, she spent some time writing up our actual Home Study, and once that was done, we spent a few more weeks waiting on final signatures and the postal service to deliver all of the completed paperwork to all of the right people.

Adoption: We're Active!

Those final couple of weeks felt like an eternity, but now our home study steps are complete, and we have officially gone active with our adoption consultants.

This means we are now seeing cases! It is so exciting to finally be to this point in the process, but it is also filled with a variety of emotions that are new for us…thoughts and feelings we are still learning how to navigate.


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We knew that this journey would include having a front row seat to heartbreak, loss, trauma, etc. but seeing the cases has made all of these things a reality for us.

We are not currently working with one specific adoption agency but with adoption consultants who partner with multiple agencies around the country – providing us with a wider variety of situations to consider. As we see these cases, we are given the opportunity to say YES or NO to presenting our family’s profile book to each of the expectant mamas whose case we view.

Our profile book is a little booklet that provides a glimpse into our family’s life and allows us to communicate with the moms.

As we are saying YES to presenting to a birth family, other families may be saying YES as well – with a match happening when an expectant mother chooses a family who has also said YES to her.

This process has been full of waiting: waiting for documents to arrive…waiting for visits to be schedules…waiting for paperwork to be completed and signed…waiting for mail deliveries…and now waiting for cases to come in each week.

I hate waiting. Let me repeat that – I hate waiting. So the fact that God has invited me on this journey makes me laugh sometimes!

In chatting about the adoption with our kids, we explain to them that we don’t know what the future holds. We chat about how we don’t know for sure God has a baby for our family, but that if He does, we are standing with open arms ready to welcome them – we’re saying these things all while I’m on Amazon ordering baby stuff. ha! So far, the bassinet has arrived – and so has the stroller. One afternoon, my youngest son yelled, “Why’s there a lawnmower on the porch?” It was a stroller.

Many of you have asked us how you can support us during this time – and if we would be willing to create baby registry of needed items, so we have done that here:


but more than anything, we would appreciate your consistent prayers for all who may be involved in the situation.

There could literally be a match at any time…or there could never be a match. What a wild feeling that comes with a whole host of complicated emotions, but there is one thing I know for sure – I am currently in some sort of intense nesting mode. You would not even believe the level of decluttering, organizing, cooking, etc. happening over here.

It’s like being pregnant but not knowing if you’re going into labor in two years…two months…two weeks…or ever. That may not be the most PC way to explain an adoption wait – I’m learning there are all kinds of things you should and should not say, but at the moment, that’s the best way I know to describe it.

Our kids are excited. The girls talk about the baby, and the boys are convinced God is going to gift them with a little brother named Luke Skywalker.

Sharing our life publicly has gifted us with the opportunity to connect with all kinds of amazing families. We have felt so encouraged as we have shared how God has stirred our hearts to pursue adoption. It has been exciting to see our decision encourage others to do something about that tugging they’ve also felt on their heart.

However, our announcement in April was also met with some criticism from some as to why we were pursuing a newborn adoption when the foster care system is full and overflowing. Over the last few months, Why not help a waiting child instead? has hit my inbox on repeat.

Yes, the foster system is in desperate need of families who have been called and equipped to serve, and I pray if that is where you feel God would have you be engaged right now, you would not delay in getting the process started. In addressing the orphan crisis, I believe there are roles all of us can play!

For us, in this season, we believe that God has called our family to come alongside an expectant mom who has chosen life for her baby, a different kind of waiting child, and offer a tangible provision of hope. This is where our heart is at this time…this is where we feel God has called us and equipped us right now. We’re not exactly sure how our story will look, but we have said YES to whatever story God has written for our family, and we would be so grateful for your prayers as we walk alongside Him.

God, we trust You.

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  1. Catherine Gough says:

    I’m so happy and excited for you and your family as you embark on this faith-filled journey! Oh, you can be sure, there is much faith involved every step of the way. Talk about being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see! We had the privilege of going through the adoption process twice. Our first adoption, we were surprised with twins (it took so much faith in the Lord, we named our first daughter Faith. But God gave us twins and it was a no brainer to name the other Grace). 🙂 Their names fit them perfectly. Each adoption story is miraculous, unique and beautiful in its own way. Just like our adoption story into the family of God. The girls are 15 now. Our second adoption was 8 years later and God had more miracles in store. His story is amazing. Our son is 7 now and has special needs. God knows exactly what we want and also what we need. You know that first hand as well. Zachary Benjamin (the Lord has remembered and son of my old age) is our miracle boy and more than a conqueror!

    You’re learning waiting is not an idle thing. The Lord grows and changes us through the waiting process and there is purpose in it all. I look forward to hearing more about how your adoption testifies to God’s goodness and faithfulness. Much love to y’all.

    In His love,

  2. Carissa Gaines says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey! My husband and I have been through the adoption process, but had to delay for personal reasons. Just wondering if you had a certain agency you worked with and a good experience with for a home study that is Hague accredited. Your advice would be appreciated! We had a move from NJ, so need to start over in the process.

    1. says:

      So happy to connect with you! Just emailed you some information~ We love connecting with other families!

  3. My family is ready to begin our adoption journey.🤍 would you please share your adoption consultants contact? I am very interested after reading what you said about them versus soliciting the help of a typical agency.

    1. says:

      We love to recommend Christian Adoption Consultants and Faithful Adoption Consultants – Praying for you as you begin your journey! Would love to stay in touch and encourage each other!

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