Adoption: What is God doing?

If you’re new to our adoption story, you can read about the beginning of our journey here – our home study, when we went active, as well as what it has looked like to say YES to presenting our adoption profile to expectant mamas:

Along the way (It’s been almost two years now!), we have shared about how this time of waiting has felt for us.


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Well, friends, we continue to wait, and in our waiting, we can’t help but wonder what God is doing.

At the moment I’m typing this, we have now seen 117 cases. We have said YES to presenting to 71 of those and 1 of those is still outstanding at the moment.

At times, it doesn’t feel like we’ve been waiting all that long. Then at other times, the wait feels painful and we feel weary.

We have been so grateful for your support and encouragement, especially from so many of you who have walked this path yourself.

Sisters Standing in Front of Yellow Wall in Town

Thank you for sharing your stories and lifting us up as we wait.

We love that many of you have experienced the same thoughts and questions we have…

God, you’ve brought us this far. What does the next part of this story look like?

Was this simply a test of our obedience – to see if we could trust You enough to say YES to such a big, scary something?

Is this ever going to happen? Should we continue on? Did we misread Your calling in this?

This is probably going to turn out differently than we imagined – but how?

Friends, we wanna know! This is truly been such a test of our obedience and trust and patience….all the things that are so hard.

I would be lying if I acted like this had not, at times, felt like an emotional rollercoaster.

I’m never at liberty to share about specific situations that have come into our inbox, but I will say, we have had some nail biters!

You can imagine the emotional ups and downs that come along with walking through this over and over again – it’s been hard at times.

In just a matter of weeks, we have documents, clearances, etc. that will be coming due yet again.

We are, right now, praying for God to give us clarity about whether or not to renew our current consultant contract, possibly go a different direction, consider other options for how we can serve right now – we truly just do not know what lies ahead and would be so grateful for your prayers.

We only want His story.

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