Christmas Shopping - Christmas List Ideas

As I’ve been chatting with you guys via email and on social media, it has become clear that many of you are shopping early this year. I don’t blame you – all things point to delivery issues this coming holiday season! I’ve been shopping right along with you.

As we’ve been chatting, you guys have been asking for gift recommendations for your friends and family, so I thought I would keep a list here as I come across great ideas for you.

These are actually all items we own! We have either purchased them ourselves through Amazon or been gifted them.

No additional items have been added to list – it is truly unique to our family, and we hope you find something that someone on your Christmas list will love!

Christmas Gift Ideas

Baby Gift Ideas:

Toddler Gift Ideas:

Kids Gifts Ideas:

Additional Kids Gift Ideas:

Educational Gift Ideas:

Grown-Up Gift Ideas:

Additional Grown-Up Gift Ideas:

Grown-Up Stocking Stuffers:

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Thank you for shopping through This Little Home of Mine.

My Christmas List by This Little Home of Mine

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