Favorite Things

Welcome to our page of favorite things!

These are things we’ve fallen in love with that we want to share with you!

This page will be updated with recent finds we’ve discovered and mentioned in new blog posts or on our social media accounts. We hope you love these finds as much as we do!

New Kitchen Favorites:

  • You all know I love the Green Life pans, but we recently had to upgrade to the 5 quart – It was time! I use this pan nearly every day.
  • Dual Handle Cast Iron Skillet – 12″ – These make such beautiful gifts – even for a wedding shower!
  • Augason Farms Long-Term Food – I’ve shared a peek inside our pantry, but for additional peace of mind, we keep these kinds of long-term food items on hand as well. We hope we never have to use them but are grateful to have them stowed away if needed.
  • Nature’s Baker Apple Cinnamon Bars – These are the perfect little school snacks for us! Around 10 or 10:30am each day, you’ll find at least a couple of people in our house snacking on a pack of these!
Mom and Daughter Baking Cookies Together in the Kitchen
  • Miss Jones Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix – The first time we tried Miss Jones’ products, we made her Confetti Pop Cookies. Now we’re equally as excited about her chocolate chip cookies – YUM! These the perfect little packaged baking mixes to make with young kids in the kitchen.
  • Gorilla Grip Ice Cream Scoop – We gifted these, and people are LOVING them!
  • Non-Stick Baking Sheets – I had been needing to upgrade the size of our baking sheets, and I finally did it. We are really liking these pans, and they’re MADE IN THE USA.
  • These tiny little bundt cake pans are also MADE IN THE USA. I ordered mine in red – are they not the cutest things you’ve ever seen?

New Home Favorites:

  • Waffle Weave Blanket – When I ordered this, I was guessing it would end up being one of those items I quickly returned. I was wrong! We are wild about this blanket! I have purchased smaller ones for my kids, and they love them.
  • Chenille Non-Slip Bath Mats – This was another item I expected to return. They are wildly soft and exactly what I was looking for – now they’re in all of our bathrooms.
  • Toilet Seat with Built-In Potty Seat – Yes, I’m serious about this one. We now own two of these! ha!
  • Storage Works Jumbo Organizers – These are such a fantastic size – I am currently using them for memory storage.
  • Photo Scanner – This is what I used to do our HUGE family photo project – Highly recommend!
  • Craig Frames Picture Frames – Love this 18 x 24 size! (No real glass involved, so a safer option to have throughout the house!)

New Health and Beauty Favorites:

  • Badger After-Sun Balm – I love the smell of this balm – not at all too strong. Goes on without feeling greasy and is so soothing.
  • Badger Hair Pomade – This is what my boys have been using!
  • Makeup Sponge – Over the years, I have never used one of these, so I wasn’t so sure what I would think of this one when it arrived. I love it! It definitely helps me apply my makeup evenly and is super easy to clean.
  • Remineralizing Tooth Powder from Just Ingredients – I have learned so much from Karalynne Call, the creator behind Just Ingredients products. Are you familiar with her? She gives such helpful information about ingredients, product swaps, ideas for changes you might want to make in your own home. I appreciate her so much.

New Medicine Cabinet Favorites

New Laundry Favorites:

  • Laundry Detergent Sheets – Do you have any other brands you love? I love this idea and have really liked these. They have been especially helpful when we’re traveling!
  • I also love these Molly Sud’s Detergent Pods – They have also been great for traveling. Some of you have been using Molly Sud’s for years, but we are new to their products!
  • Miss Mouth’s Messy Eater Stain Eater – This stuff WORKS! I’ve added it to my list of Laundry Favs! I used to always recommend Grandma’s Spot Remover, a product I still really do love – but I have to admit, it has taken a back seat to Miss Mouth’s! This spray really does cause stains to disappear before my very eyes.

New Clothing Favorites:

  • Black Ruffle Swimsuit for Mom – This is such a comfy suit – for the pool or the beach!
  • My New Tennis Shoes – I have never owned this brand of shoe but I decided to give them a try. Super comfy and love the design!
  • Tunic-Style Tank Tops – These tank tops are a great length – great coverage and super soft and comfy! Honestly, they were a splurge for me – but they’ve washed well and I think will last a long time.
  • Wild about these Madewell Whisper Cotton Tees! Lately, I’ve been wearing them almost every day – they’re soft, lightweight, and comfortable – and look great with jeans. (They have V-neck tanks as well.)
  • Yellow Box Sandals – Highly recommend brown and black!
  • Shirt/Shorts Pajama Set – I have these set in both black and navy – Very soft and washes well!
  • Reef Sandals – Another idea for those boys with growing feet! My boys have really liked these – they wear them to church during the warmer months here in the Carolinas.

New Kid’s Favorites:

  • Moon Torch Projector – I have grabbed a few of these for stocking stuffers this year! This little gadget has come highly recommended, and I think my kids (and nephews) are going to love theirs.
  • The newest releases in the Young Whit series are now available! The publication of books four and five had gotten delayed, and my boys are over the moon to finally have them in their hands! The chapter book sets from Focus on the Family are excellent!
  • Handheld Games – No internet required! Some of these will be throwbacks to your childhood, and I think you’ll love them!
Boy Working at Computer
  • Adjustable Headphones – My older boys had outgrown the headphones they used when they were younger. These headphones even fit my head – perfect for tweens and teens. For school this year, we are using these with Chromebooks.

New Homeschooling Favorites:

  • Building Spelling Skills for Various Grades – Now that my boys are older, we went this direction for this year, and it has been perfect practice for them!
  • 2023-2024 Academic Planners – I have purchased these planners for my boys to use next year! Fantastic for older kids who are learning skills related to planning, organizing, time management, etc. Nothing fancy here – simple and inexpensive!

New Favorite Extras:

  • Box of 100 Brown Paper Gift Bags – I bought these to use for Christmas this year – and probably next…and the next! ha! Sweet and simple – easy to add sweet ribbon and others trimmings to…I’m actually planning to put photo prints on the front of some of them! I think the grandparents will really like that.
  • Bulk Batch of Thank-You Notes – After years of having plenty of stationery, notecards, etc. on hand, I had officially used up my supply! I gave this big bundle a try, and they are beautiful! I have already sent out a handful of them!
  • Got a Narnia fan on your hands? Let them try a box of Turkish Delight! Recently grabbed this box of orange-flavored Turkish Delight for a gift.

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