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Welcome to our page of favorite things!

These are things we’ve fallen in love with that we want to share with you! This page will be updated with recent finds we’ve discovered and mentioned in new blog posts or on our social media accounts. We hope you love these finds as much as we do:

New Kitchen Favorites:

New Home Favorites:

A Cleaning Swap Cover Image
  • Universal Socket Grip Set – These were big hits with the men for Christmas one year!
  • Photo Scanner – This is what I used to do our HUGE family photo project – Highly recommend!
  • Craig Frames Picture Frames – Love this 18 x 24 size! (No real glass involved, so a safer option to have throughout the house!) For more info on the gorgeous Narnia print included in this frame pictured here, visit this post!
Christmas Gift Idea - Chronicles of Narnia Watercolor

New Health and Beauty Favorites:

New Laundry Favorites:

As part of our family's laundry routine, our older kids do their own laundry.

New Clothing Favorites:

New Kid’s Favorites:

The Journey that Saved Curious George
No Internet Games for Kids

New Book Favorites:

New Homeschooling Favorites:

New Favorite Extras:

  • Box of 100 Brown Paper Gift Bags – I bought these to use for Christmas this year – and probably next…and the next! ha! Sweet and simple – easy to add sweet ribbon and others trimmings to…I’m actually planning to put photo prints on the front of some of them! I think the grandparents will really like that.

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