A Glimpse Into Our Life

This round of A Glimpse Into Our Life includes a peek into our 2018 Holidays.

A Glimpse Into Our Life

A Glimpse Into Our Life - Holidays 2018

Around here these days, I’m…

already missing Disney! This year, we kicked off the holiday season with a trip to Disney World! We love getting there just after all of the holiday decorations go up but before the crowds peak for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The decorations, the weather – it’s our favorite time of year to visit Mickey.

This time around, our first stop was the new Toy Story Land, and it did not disappoint. Buzz, Woody, Jessie – the whole gang was waiting there for us, and we can’t wait to get back to them! Over on Instagram, I shared lots of snapshots, travel trips, and Disney tricks, so if you missed that, be sure to hop over and check out my feed – as well as my story highlights.

A Glimpse Into Our Life - Holidays 2018

This trip to Florida also included a day spent at Lego Land, so if you’re looking for the inside scoop on how to make the most of your time at that fun little spot, there are some photos and story highlights about that on Instagram as well. 

A Glimpse Into Our Life - Holidays 2018

filling boxes for Operation Christmas Child. One of our favorite Christmas traditions is partnering with Samaritan’s Purse for their ministry to children all around the world. We look forward to it every year, and this time around, I really enjoyed sharing a little bit about how we like to prepare for Collection Week all throughout the year. If you missed my favorite tips, you can find them here – complete with a video directly from Operation Christmas Child that will help you know exactly what kinds of things to include in your shoe boxes.

Have I already started gathering items for the 2019 Collection Week? Absolutely! My plastic bin is in its place, and I’ve already placed several things in it for next year. 

A Glimpse Into Our Life - Holidays 2018

enjoying learning by the season in our homeschooling. In our homeschooling, we don’t take a lot of time off for the holidays, and in the stage we’re in with our kids, this time of year gifts us with so many fun opportunities to read and create and celebrate and explore and play and serve and on and on I could go – all of the things our homeschooling lifestyle already includes….just with a holiday twist! 

Advent Resources for December by This Little Home of Mine

wrapping up a sweet holiday season with family. Mid-way through the holidays, one of the most loved members of our extended family received a cancer diagnosis. This stopped all of us dead in our tracks and served as a reminder to slow down and savor time with our favorite people. Our Thanksgiving was kept simple and our Christmas was focused on less stuff and more moments, and at the start of this new year, we are celebrating good news from the operating room and comfort in knowing that we are never alone. 

enjoying a break from the extras. With four kiddos, our day-to-day (and evenings) can tend to fill up quickly. Even as much as I try to keep our schedule in check, things can get hectic. As fun as the holiday events were this year, it was nice when our extracurricular activities began to wrap up, and we were able to focus more on making Chex Mix, baking cookies, and driving around town looking at Christmas lights.

I’ve been thinking ahead to next year – wondering if there would be a way to wrap things up even sooner so I can extend the time I have to enjoy those favorite things with my babies. 

A Glimpse Into Our Life - Holidays 2018

looking forward to Aubrey Day. If you’re new around here, Aubrey Day may be new to you! In our home, January 15th is Aubrey Day – a day when we focus on the gift of joy and invite others to do the same. You can click here to read the first post I ever shared about it.

Step 1: Eat chocolate chip cookies from Chick-fil-a. 

Step 2: Choose joy. 

Step 3:  All across social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – anything goes!), post a photo of you, your cookies, and your joy! Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #CHOOSEJOYONAUBREYDAY – We love seeing your smiles!

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