I Fell for the Whole Thing

I fell for the whole thing.

I encouraged my social media followers to stay home to save lives.


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I took extreme precautions to go into Aldi to grab flour for my sourdough starter.

We left the packages on the porch in case they were contaminated.

We crossed the street to avoid coming into contact with people on the sidewalks.

Church moved to our television screen. Special occasions with family were canceled. A funeral didn’t happen.

We were glued to the press conferences. We were panicked over the groceries.

Then after a month or so, we started venturing out – and we continued to do this more and more.

We started really thinking about the things we were hearing…the things we were seeing.

There was never a doubt that the virus was real. We personally knew people who were very sick…which then turned into personally knowing people who had died…

…but things didn’t add up. We started paying closer attention. We began to ask questions. We couldn’t help but ask more and more questions…

…and then we started to realize what was happening when you asked questions or pointed out discrepancies.

It wasn’t allowed.

We watched this kind of suppression continue.

Frustration grew, feeding division in families and churches.

The distortion of truth continued, destroying businesses and impacting our very way of life.

Lives unnecessarily lost to a treatable virus.

An election that turned into the crime of the century.

Financial ruin.

World-wide calamity.


Sure, maybe it feels safer to stay tucked inside away from the world, but outside the doors of your home, there is a purposeful plan in motion – a plan to destroy the very fabric of our country.

We can no longer ignore the fact that there are those who take great pleasure in using crisis situations as an opportunity to implement their agenda. We are witnessing a regime who is quickly moving through a checklist of items that, if implemented, will make it impossible to recognize our once great nation – and I will not be silent.

My eyes are now wide open, and I hope yours are, too.

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  1. Love this post! So good and so true. I am heavy for the world and so thankful to have a hope in Jesus.

    1. thislittlehomeofmineblog@gmail.com says:

      Amen! Yes, come quickly Lord Jesus!

  2. I echo your sentiment. This past year has been hard watching people we know become ill and some even die, but to know that the sickness has been weaponized against us to take away our personal freedoms and choices is beyond words. I love our country, but I loathe our government for what it is doing, and in some cases not doing, to keep America great. It would be easy to say “you get what you vote for”, but it’s not just the people who voted for this level of crazy who are suffering. All of us are in this together. It does sometimes feel like a ship that is sinking. But I remember Who my anchor is, and that is Jesus. He isn’t surprised in the least and nothing has caught Him off guard. I’m looking to Him to keep me steady until His return. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  3. When I first read this email. I said “oh man, someone else I have to “unfollow” ( I don’t have social media anymore but subscribed to your emails)”. Thank you for sending this out and saying this. It truly takes some guts to do this. Stand firm on your observations. Don’t give up and don’t let any negative emails or comments from those who are closed minded make you change your mind (or even what you put on social media out of fear). There is an agenda. 4 years ago I would have said I was crazy for thinking this. It’s sad and it’s scary, but it’s true. I pray more people will open their minds and realize this.

    1. Renee Wallace says:

      Absolutely! Couldn’t agree more. Thanks so much for speaking out about this and being brave enough to do so.

    2. Danielle M Varela says:

      Yes yes yes

  4. So very true. Just because I don’t wear a mask doesn’t mean I think it was all fake. But these rules and regulations are a joke. We should all be scared as Americans that the govt is trying to take away basic rights. We should take a stand and STOP COMPLYING. Go live your life. Hug your friends and family. But also grow a garden, turn your money into gold, and turn off the tv.

  5. So much truth in this post, thank you for saying what so many are afraid to say! My hope and prayer is that more people wake up before it’s too late! I weep the future of our children and have found myself praying and leaning on the Lord with such fervor this past year and a half.

  6. 100%.
    It’s EASIER to make a random change based on the immediate fire than to ever go back to what we had before. A reason why conservatism (slow to change) isn’t loony by maybe there is something to it. Anyway, thanks for posting and being brave to speak your mind.

  7. Shanna-Kaye Fancher says:


    We did many of the same things, while in a state of emotional panic and confusion. Then it started becoming apparent that this is a way to swiftly take control of how people behave, communicate, build community, and worship.

  8. YES! It’s so important to speak up and PRAY. Thank you for sharing this and for all you do for families.

  9. YESSSSSSSSS!!!! So hard to watch when your eyes are so wide open. Just gotta pray and focus on whats right in front of you, the family He gave me.

  10. Yes! All of this so true.
    Unfortunately I live in an area that is more than happy to succumb to the agenda. It makes community hard. Appreciate hearing like minds. To know I’m not alone.

  11. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    This is very well said. I had many of these same experiences and share your feelings. Thank you for sharing these words.

  12. Nicole Smith says:

    Thank you for posting this! I started reading it and I was thinking “yay” someone else who agrees with me! And it is encouraging to read all the posts in agreement too! My husband and I felt like we were alone in this for a long time, but we’ve finally found a group of people who are trying to advocate and speak truth to our community. What a crazy time we’re living in. We need to pray so hard, especially for our children who have to grow up in the this mess.

  13. Thank you for speaking up, it is so important that people with platforms don’t stay silent. God bless!

  14. Yes! So much truth. Hoping more people are opening their eyes to what is really going on. Thank you for sharing

  15. YES!! Thank you for sharing and being bold and brave!! I have had COVID and have lost loved one to COVID. Yet there is something wrong and amiss. They are alienating us to not want to be near or rely on people. They are slowly making us only rely on them…. Passing out “free” money, having no ambition to work, making everyone afraid of the smallest germ!! It’s crazy!! Love your post💗

  16. Christina Chapman says:

    💗💗💗 Love this post! “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”
    2 Timothy‬ ‭1:7‬ ‭ESV‬‬

  17. Terry Leigh Bullard says:

    So well said!
    Thanks for saying it!

  18. Lindsey L. says:

    Way to go!! So proud of you for speaking TRUTH!! Notice I didn’t say “your truth” I said “the truth”! Because that’s what this is. So much being censored and those of us who have been awake for so long are having to watch friends and family just keep clutching the lies. It’s so easy to stay blind and not fight this but man does it feel good to go against the current! God Bless🇺🇸✝️

  19. LOVE this post. Thank you for speaking truth into this insane situation. Praying more people start realizing what is happening.

  20. Nicole Abbatacola says:

    So glad you put this in a post!

  21. Amen!! Thank you for sharing. I’ve been so saddened to see so many people genuinely deceived, yet THANKFUL for friends and family who have been given discernment in this time. It’s been a trying last two years to say the least. Today was my last day as an RN for not complying with the vacc mandate. Thankful that we have a God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

    1. Danielle M Varela says:

      Gab. Com has a no vax job board!!

  22. Love this! Please, I wish we were all speaking up & talking about the truth. So many sadly still seem to want to believe the lies, so to find those who know the truth is so refreshing. I still believe God is doing big things in all of this. So many have woken up about so much. Hard as it is to watch, He is still with us & is definitely doing a good work in us.

  23. It’s easy to see what’s really going on when we start connecting the dots. Unfortunately it’s going to get much worse.

  24. Danielle M Varela says:

    HOLY SMOKES it’s refreshing to see truth published! I did the same thing! I even had masks on before it became a thing… especially when at first we were told we didn’t need them, I was like 🤔 no I think I’ll wear one. But now… common sense wins for our home! This is all part of the plan and I will trust my Savior!

  25. Thanks for sharing this! It takes courage to speak against a majority! I would add that I don’t think you fell for anything. You wanted to do what’s right and help those around you! The further we move into this “new norm” ( and I type that rolling my eyes), the more it become clear! There is hope and there joy when we step away from the media and toward Jesus.

  26. Sharon L Wiseman says:

    so good to hear you post this…100% agree. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE…and a SOUND MIND. It’s time to set the fear aside and put the power, love and soundness of mind into action!

  27. Amen! It’s the right thing to speak up and post about it. Hoping you are reaching many families!

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