Pregnancy Diary – Part One

Throughout my last pregnancy, I popped over to my blog and journaled along the way, and I love being able to look back at those posts: there are just a handful of them, but they definitely sum up so much of each stage of that time carrying our baby girl.

Pregnancy Diary – Part One

Oh wait, did you know we are expecting again? I know I’ve mentioned it on social media, but I guess I haven’t exactly shared it here on the blog yet. Please forgive me – the last several weeks have been a bit of a blur. 


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The month of January kicked off with excitement over Aubrey Day and then ended with two little blue lines on a stick. It was a Saturday morning when I took the test, and for a minute or two, I just stood there and stared at it…and then I started crying.

In that moment all I could think about was how sick I was for the first several weeks of my last pregnancy, and I started to hyperventilate. If things played out like they did last time, I had just a couple of weeks before I was flat on my back, and thinking about that just about gave me a panic attack.

So I set out doing what any normal person would do: I stocked up on groceries….I made one million freezer meals…I paid someone to come deep clean my entire house….I finished all the laundry and then limited the amount of times each family member would be allowed to change their clothes in a week’s time…and just in case I had forgotten something in that initial grocery order, I went to Wal-mart to roam around and grab anything else we might need in the coming weeks.

While at Wally World, I took a stroll through the freezer section (something I never do), and purchased a frozen Pizzadilla. Gag. It was this half-Pizza/half-quesadilla thing (Great Value brand) made with all kinds of disgusting ingredients that may or may not actually be food. I can’t even talk about it right now. Anyway, I came home, tossed that thing in the oven, and ATE IT – and it tasted so good to my newly pregnant self who was now doing weird things like buying and eating Pizzadillas. I tried sharing part of this frozen delight with the three men in my life, and I am not even kidding…at the first bite, they all started gagging at.the.same.time….and there I sat, shoving my face…as happy as could be…thrilled that I could now have the slices they weren’t going to eat. Clearly my gagging issues had not yet begun at that point.

Maybe it won’t be like that this time, hubby said. I so badly hoped that this time would be different, but it wasn’t. The exact.same.sickness. hit this time, too. It started about a week later than last time, but other than that, it’s been the same – the same I’ve Been Hit By A Semi Feeling. I took my place on the couch while the world revolved around me, and no more Pizzadillas for me because everything made me gag…e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

One night, hubby was sitting on the couch across the room from me, and he was working on finalizing some updates we’ve recently made to our wills and such – and as I’m sprawled out on the couch feeling like death warmed over, I hear him say, “Would now be a good time to discuss your end of life decisions?” Why, yes, Honey Bun, as a matter of fact, now would be the perfect time to discuss such things. That’s actually not what I said…I think I mumbled something like, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” Friends, being married to me is a delight.

Poor guy.

Don’t feel too sorry for him, though. This is the same guy who in recent weeks has informed me that he’s lost X number of pounds by simply cutting out a few Oreos during his evening snack sessions. This is not the kind of thing you tell the girl who is getting ready to gain 60-70 lbs. Weight gain is kind of my thing during pregnancy. I do it on purpose so I can hear people say things like, “You’re sure you don’t have gestational diabetes?” and “Aren’t they concerned about your blood pressure?” and “How many babies are in that belly of yours?!” It’s awesome.

Speaking of getting large as a barge (from water weight, of course), have any of you tried any of the pieces from Jessica Simpson’s line of maternity clothes? What on earth is going on with the sizing of her stuff?

**Tap on Mic** Jessica, are you out there? If so, we need to talk. I saw how big you got with your pregnancies, and it made me feel so good – like maybe you could finally relate to us common folk who don’t look like super models, buuuuut WHOSE BODY did you use to determine the sizing for your maternity line – specifically the pants?! I know YOU were not able to wear the stuff I was trying to pull over my kneecaps when hubby dropped me off at the Motherhood store this past weekend, sooooo….what gives?

I’m not sure what’s more fun: Shopping for maternity clothes OR when you’re 12 weeks pregnant…still feeling like death…and the doc says, “Hey, this seems like a great time for a pap smear!”

I still have a few maternity clothes that are still going strong from previous pregnancies, but I specially needed some new jeans and Jessica Simpson was of no help to me. I’m glad I didn’t order bottoms from Amazon as I had originally planned. #returnlabel

Needless to say, February was a rough month around here. On top of my working my way through my first trimester, a fever virus hit our house and took about three weeks to make it’s way around to all five of us, but March is here and things are looking a little brighter. 

The worst of my ickiness seems to be past.

For the first time since January, I was able to go out and eat this weekend!

On Saturday, I had enough energy to pop in to the Motherhood store and wrestle incorrectly sized pants over my knee caps.

We all felt well enough to be back at church yesterday…and thanks to my parents, we all had clean clothes to wear to the House of the Lord!

A couple of weeks ago, my parents came down and spent a week helping us. I slept for the majority of the time they were here, and it made me sad that I didn’t feel like enjoying the time with them more, but they were so encouraging: helping with the kids, taking care of ALL the cooking, tackling ALL the laundry. We felt so thankful that when we needed family the most, they dropped everything and came right on in to our mess.

I’ve just started week 12 of this pregnancy, and right now, we’re looking forward to finding out the gender as soon as possible! My boy pregnancies were very similar to one another, and this pregnancy feels just like my last one – which was a girl – so if we find out this baby is a little boy, I will absolutely pass out from shock…but either way, we will be thankful…

…because two little blue lines is one of life’s sweetest gifts.

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  1. Ah, I loved reading this! So sorry you have been so sick though. Hoping you are feeling better!

  2. Sweetest thing in the world, indeed! I’m glad you are feeling better as you anticipate this new baby. Oh, and I always gain at least 40 pounds too. Ha.

    1. says:

      I’m so glad I’m not alone! haha!

  3. OH, thank you for sharing this story.
    I can just add that my parents and husband also helped me a lot when I was pregnant. Even some of our friends stayed at our place and helped me to do different things.. mhm. not helped, but they did it. haha
    I’m still thankful to them. :))

    1. says:

      ha! I hear ya! It’s so nice to feel that support for sure!!

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