A Magical Day at the Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch today – a fun outing that has become an annual tradition with our crew, and as in times past, we had a great time.

Honestly, we go for the food! Our favorite farm offers the yummiest wood-fired pizza and the most delicious homemade donuts. Pumpkins? What pumpkins?


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I’ll take a pepperoni pizza and a half-dozen of your seasonal donuts, please.

This is the same farm we visit in the spring when it’s time to pick strawberries. Why? Again, please pass the pizza and donuts.

Anyway, after church this morning, we made our way over to the farm, and my girls just happened to be in the coordinating pumpkins outfits my mom recently got them, so OF COURSE I wanted to snap some pictures of them hanging out with some pumpkins…you know, for my mom to see.

Pumpkin Patch Photos

I could just eat these girls up – I really could.

I was also excited when some friends of ours offered to snap a family photo of us! We don’t usually get many of these, so this was a treat.

Pumpkin Patch Photos

We picked out some pumpkins and of course enjoyed our weight in pizza and donuts – but while we were hanging out in the pumpkin patch, I felt like I had suddenly been plopped down in the middle of some kind of social experiment. I looked out at the rows of pumpkins vines, and every.single.person. in my line of sight was staring down at their phone.

Then each of them went back to snapping a selfie…then checking the image on their phone…then retaking the photo…

Pumpkin Patch Photos

I know you’ve seen a scene like this yourself – but for some reason today, it just made me feel so, so sad.

Yes, I know I had my camera with me so I could snap pictures of my babies – and yes, I’ve already admitted that I’m happy we got a family shot of our whole crew together, but have you ever stood and watched something like this and felt as if there was a whole lot less actually enjoying being at the pumpkin patch going on and a whole lot more of trying to project to your friends on social media that it was a magical day at the pumpkin patch?

The truth about today’s experience is that it poured the rain all night last night and the grounds at the farm were a muddy mess. Even around lunchtime, the temps were a little too cool for my little ones…and their mom. The pizza took over an hour and a half to prepare, and the donut line moved at a snail’s pace. There were people everywhere…It was super crowded…Babies were crying – you get the idea, but I don’t feel like many of the photos snapped out in that field included any explanation of those things. Those photos communicated nothing but pure unadulterated fall magic.

I mean, what could create more FOMO in your friends than the perfect selfie of you with a pumpkin on your head? Truly.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I took my kids over to another local farm that advertises itself as being the perfect spot for picking out your fall pumpkins. I wish you could’ve seen this place. Sure, there were some baby pigs in a barn and a chicken roaming around the grounds, and yes, there were some games set up for kids to play and pumpkins displayed for your choosing – but in all actuality, that was it….except for twenty-five plus photo-opp setups for visitors to use as backdrops for snapping photos and posting their experience on social media. I had never seen anything like it in my life – but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that so much of everything in life has become one big photo opportunity.

Just thinking out loud tonight…wondering if any of those smartphone users in that field today even took a pumpkin home with them this afternoon.

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