A Glimpse Into Our Life

This round of A Glimpse Into Our Life includes a peek into our 2020 so far.

A Glimpse Into Our Life - Spring 2020

A Glimpse Into Our Life

Around here these days, I’m…

remembering a relaxing end to 2019. The end of 2019 included our ten-year wedding anniversary, my Granny’s 80th birthday, a number of family gatherings, and lots and lots of Hallmark Christmas movies. Around the end of October/first part of November, I wrapped up my blog work for the year and stepped away from social media. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time! I loved the feeling of being able to really focus on some really special moments as a family, but it was also truly a time of rest for my anxious spirit.

My personal struggle with social media is that when tragic stories come up in my feed, they tear me apart – I feel so, so sad for the families….so, so guilty about my happy moments….and so, so anxious that whatever I saw in my feed is going to happen to my family. I’ve chatted with you a little bit about this before…how when Satan realized he wasn’t going to be able to steal our joy about Aubrey, he decided that, instead, he would attack me with anxious thoughts…feelings that something tragic is always just around the corner. I KNOW God is in control…I KNOW He holds us in His hands…I KNOW He knows the number of our days and will.not.fail in using all of them for our good and His glory…I KNOW He provides everything we need as we walk through each piece of the story He’s written for each of us – but these feelings are something I struggle with regularly.

Maybe you can relate – or maybe you think I’m crazy – but if you struggle with these same kinds of thoughts and feelings, know that you’re not alone.

still smiling over photos from Aubrey Day. Every year, on January 15th, it feels like the whole world celebrates joy with us! Look at all these smiles: A Glimpse Into Our Life - Aubrey Day - This Little Home of Mine

We save every single photo you share and include them in our family photo album. January 15th is truly one of our most favorite days of the year. New around here and want to know more about Aubrey Day? Here’s the info from the very first year we invited friends to celebrate with us. Interested in knowing more about our family’s journey with Aubrey? We have released our story in the form of an eBook download that is available here for free. 

Set Apart: Our Story by This Little Home of Mine

Click Here for More Details

refocusing in 2020. In January, on the day that my “out of office” said I would resume office hours…I felt strongly that I wanted to approach 2020 a little differently. When I started my blog, I never really planned on having “office hours”…and over the years, I’ve been able to juggle it to where I only work during rest times and after bedtime, but the time away gave me a chance to really think through what I want the coming months to look like and I feel a whole lot of peace about using my “work hours” a little differently this year.

As my platform has grown, so have the opportunities to make more and more money beyond the digital products I sell – there have been times this year when my husband and I have looked at each other and said, “Ahhh, so this is how Patty Blogger McSteamboat brings in the big bucks every month.” and while there’s something kind of fun about that whole scene…there are also some things about it all that – in this current season of my life – are just too much for me.

I’m not saying I won’t ever do anymore sponsored work, but in 2019, my own content ideas were neglected while I created content for others – and there were times when I felt like I had to rush bedtime so I could wrap up a deadline someone else had placed on me. No, thank you.

I really enjoy sharing content and creating products…while embracing the flexibility to only work when I’m able…and I have been excited to get back to focusing mostly on that. The other night, my littlest one fell asleep on my shoulder…I moved her down to where I could see her face and I couldn’t stop staring at her sweet eyelashes…and I couldn’t stop thinking about how excited I am that 2020 hasn’t included any requirements that have made me feel like I need to rush bedtime. 

Disclaimer: Patty Blogger McSteamboat is a fictional character I created.

still smiling about my recent trip to Dallas. March included a trip to Dallas to visit one of my favorite friends. Concerns over the Coronavirus were revving up, but not quite enough for American Airlines to wave any change fees to my ticket. So I tossed a face mask and some Clorox wipes in my carry on bag and boarded a plane to Texas. During my visit there, my friend and I did what we do best – talk, laugh, eat Mexican food on repeat, and laugh some more.

My friend’s name is Angie. She’s the who drove me to an Urgent Care while I was there (because the sinus infection meds I had been taking weren’t working), and then laughed with me all the way to CVS because the treatment at the Urgent Care involved a sparkly band-aid ending up on my rear end.

Do you have an Angie in your life? Friend turned family….A daily text thread that will keep you laughing so hard you cry…A person you’ll fight through your flight anxiety to go visit anytime you can…Someone who will laugh at you when you have to get a steroid shot in your “hip”…I hope you do! My world is better because I’ve shared many years of guacamole with Angie!

cleaning up Easter grass. While Easter definitely looked different this year, we were still able to do some of our favorite traditions: Easter baskets (Thank you, Amazon Prime!), dying eggs, egg hunts,

A Glimpse Into Our Life - Spring 2020

and our annual silly front porch Easter photo:

A Glimpse Into Our Life - Spring 2020

Easter 2020: The Year of the Pajamas!

Thanks to technology, Easter morning included being able to connect with our church family. Worshiping along with them and in other ways throughout the weekend was different…but still very special.

Thank you, Jesus, for the hope we have through YOU! It is the anchor we have for our souls. 

rearranging our homeschooling space. For the first couple weeks of lock-down, I struggled to feel motivated to accomplish much. It seemed that all of my energy was going toward trying to get our hands on groceries, etc. But after several days, I started feeling like I could shift my focus to some other projects.

In recent months, we’ve found ourselves entering a bit of a new stage with the kids which has led to my wanting to rearrange some of our spaces. The girls now have an area where they can play more freely while I’m working with the boys at different times throughout our school day – and yes, there have been some major changes to our homeschooling space. I’m currently still getting things organized but am looking forward to sharing some peeks inside soon! 

continuing on in lock-down. On Saturday, March 14th, I ran some final errands. I picked up a handful of things from Target, grabbed our library books from the hold shelf, and then ventured back home. That afternoon was the beginning of lock-down for our family. At the time I am writing this, we are more than 30 days in to a time that has been hard and sweet all at once. 

David is working so far into the night that I don’t know how he’s functioning…we’re missing our family so bad my stomach hurts…life without our church family and our therapists and our friends is not the same…but we’ve been able to play outside a ton – we’ve had some extra time to do some things that we don’t normally get to do – we’ve been reminded of all the things that matter most – and in the highs and lows of all of this time, we’ve known for sure that we’ve never been alone. The other night, my oldest said, “I’m having fun! This is fun!” and tonight he said, “I’m going to be kind of sad when this over.”

I hope he remembers this time as fun – we’ve definitely had some intense moments, but this time together has gifted us with opportunities to do life a little bit differently than we’re normally able to…and there’s been something really special about that. 

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