A Glimpse Into Our Life

This round of A Glimpse Into Our Life includes a peek into our 2019.

A Glimpse Into Our Life

A Glimpse Into Our Life - This Little Home of Mine

Around here these days, I’m…

swooning over a new batch of family photos. Local to where we live and looking for a family photographer? Tara Oliver is our favorite gal. (She also offers sessions in select parts of California as well, just in case you’re located out that way.) Anyway, when you see a sweet family shot of us, she’s probably been the one who made it happen. Throughout the year, we schedule a handful of different sessions with her – mostly because we love spending time with her. Not to mention that she has gifted us with many, many photos that we will cherish always. (Not a sponsored post – just a gushing session about one of my favorite people.) 

preparing for a new product release. Yes, another summer bringing with it another e-book release, except this time, the download will be available for FREE! It is a project I have been passionate about putting together for that one family who may need the kind of encouragement we did a few years ago: Set Apart: Our Story and Why Your Story Matters, Too – If you want to be notified as soon as it’s available, you can sign up here. The moment the download officially drops, I will be emailing everyone, and I would love for you to join the list. August is going to be an exciting month around here! ❤

Set Apart: Our Story by This Little Home of Mine

continuing to declutter. The amount of stuff that can come a long with being a homeschooling mom of four can, at times, feel overwhelming – even when you are doing your best to keep STUFF to a minimum. Managing what comes in (or doesn’t come in) and what needs to go out can be quite a job. So over the past several months, I have been working hard…little by little…to simplify each area of our home. This is most definitely easier said than done – it has been an ongoing project with more work to do, but I am so grateful for what I’ve been able to accomplish. When it comes right down to it, wouldn’t you agree we could all do with so much less?

enjoying a little bit of a slower pace. The summer months have brought with them a little more freedom to spend time with out-of-town family and work in some extra outings that aren’t quite as easy to weave into our days during the regular school year. Here over the next several weeks, AWANA and some of our other school-year programs will kick back off, so we are enjoying a little bit more of a relaxed schedule while we can. 

making cobblers. Our trip to a local blueberry farm had me anxious to make our favorite blueberry cobbler recipe. It tasted so good to me that I made a second one…and then I tried it with strawberries instead…and now I’m dying to try it with a batch of fresh peaches. Have you seen me sharing about this in my Instastories? I can’t get enough!

A Glimpse Into Our Life - This Little Home of Mine

continuing with year-round schooling. If you’ve been around here for long, you know we are big fans of year-round schooling. At the end of May, we wrapped up the bulk of our curriculum as well as some of our extra-curricular activities (like AWANA that I mentioned a minute ago), but we have kept going with summer learning – with Aubrey’s therapies and our weekly music lessons continue to roll as well. For us, the summer months are a great time to review concepts from the previous year’s curriculum and look ahead to those BIG CONCEPTS for the next year, etc. Aubrey and Amelia have been having fun with letters, numbers, colors, and animal sounds.

A Glimpse Into Our Life - This Little Home of Mine

Isaac has been working on money and time and creative writing, and Caleb has been working on multiplication facts and creative writing. Together, we’ve also been diving into some social studies and science learning – nothing too intense, mostly just reading together each afternoon. It is amazing how a little bit of learning time together each day can truly serve to lighten our load throughout the coming school year.

simplifying. It’s not just with our STUFF where I have been working to simplify. I have also been focusing in this with my online presence as well. In May, I made a tough decision to close down my Facebook groups so I could focus more intently on my Facebook page and my Instagram feed. I have also been walking out a commitment to get back to blogging more of the things I love – over additional paid collaborations that were eating up a great deal of my time as a blogger. I have always remained true to my commitment to only share products and resources that I believe in, but in this stage of life, I’m simply not able to take on the amount of extra promotional work that was ending up on my plate. So I have really been working to limit my number of partnerships – focusing on quality over quantity. The Go-Getter in me will always struggle with this a bit, I’m sure – but so far, I’m doing well, and feeling extra passionate about the blog posts I’m currently working on and the upcoming partnerships that truly have my heart.

Thank you for following along with me in this space – Some of you reading this are my biggest cheerleaders, and I am so grateful for each one of you.

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