Thanksgiving Gifts

When I was a little girl, my mom always had gifts for us on Thanksgiving Day! Sometimes they would be placed at our Thanksgiving table setting and other times they would be gifted to us later that evening. It wasn’t ever anything large or expensive, just small little somethings to signal the coming of the Christmas season.

I have carried on this tradition with my own kids, and it has become such a special part of our Thanksgiving Day celebration. I thought I would share some ideas for the kinds of gifts you could share with your children or loved ones on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

  • Christmas Ornament
  • Christmas Stocking
  • Holiday Candy or Treats
  • Silly Christmas Socks
  • Hot Cocoa or Coffee Mug for the Season
  • Christmas Music – in whatever format they prefer
  • Christmas Sheet Music (or piano (or guitar) book)
  • a new Christmas Book – a picture book or chapter book for the kids or maybe a Christmas novel a grown-up might enjoy
Our Favorite Christmas Tree Books by This Little Home of Mine

Putting together this list is bringing back such sweet memories for me! If I think of anymore ideas, I’ll add them here.

Remember, nothing fancy required – just an extra touch on Thanksgiving Day!

While we’re at it – How about I share one of my favorite Thanksgiving pictures from years gone by?

To All My Fellow Fords... by This Little Home of Mine