A Prepared Family Pantry

There are many different reasons for why a family may be wanting to take stock of their resources & do some work to make sure they have at least somewhat of a stockpile of products they use regularly.

Over the years, our family has always kept a few extras on hand. With little ones, this has made my life easier – no last minute trips to the grocery store because we’re out of something.

We have a pantry closet in our kitchen and then my husband added shelving to our under-the-stairs closet that was originally intended to be used as a coat closet or some other type of storage.

1. If you’re limited on space, avoid filling your space with specialty items or sweets and treats. Focus on staple items/necessities.

Limitations to Consider:

2. If you’re limited on funds, simply add a few items to each future grocery order. Especially when it comes to canned goods, this can mean as little as an additional $1.50 – $5.00 per order.

1. Canned vegetables 2. Canned fruit 3. Canned beans 4. Canned tomatoes/Rotel

A Prepared Family Pantry Checklist

Next up, jarred items that can be stored for several months – just like those canned goods! 1. Pasta sauce 2. Pizza sauce 3. Salsa

Next up, what about dry goods? 1. Dried fruit 2. Coffee / tea 3. Cereal 4. Oats 5. Granola

What about items your family might use for baking in addition to keeping your typical baking staples on hand: flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, yeast, etc.