Adoption: Updating Our Paperwork

As we have walked through these last several months, we have so loved hearing from others who are also praying about how they can help children in need of loving homes.

There are truly so many different ways to love others in tangible ways! It’s hard to believe, but we are currently coming up on it being one year since we went active with our consultants and began seeing adoption cases.

We’ve now reached the year mark, which has included some paperwork updates.

Over the last several weeks, we have been submitting new clearances and requesting updated reference letters.

Also, going to doctor appointments to gather fresh sign-offs on our medical forms, and meeting with our home study coordinator to update our Home Study.

A North Carolina Home Study is actually good for 18-months, but since we are working with agencies in various other states, ours needs to be updated every twelve months.

We’re not having to redo all of the paperwork we did at the beginning of this process, but there are several things that are required to be updated annually.

This time around, the paperwork doesn’t feel as overwhelming. For each piece that has needed updating, we’ve known what to expect and have been able to tackle it fairly quickly.

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