Sensory Play Activity: Animals Hidden in Ice

This Animals Hidden in Ice sensory play activity has been a hit with each of my kiddos!

It’s a simple activity to prep, and I think your little learner will have fun with it, too!

Toss some little critters down in some ice trays.

Add water, and then toss in the freezer.

When ice has formed, pop out your little critter ice cubes and toss them in a sensory bin, the bath tub, or the swimming pool – all options make for some fun sensory play.

Use larger critters, freezing them down in a bowl.

Want to take this sensory play activity to another level?

When you pop out those large blocks of ice, it’s fun to watch the ice melt, but it’s also fun to let your kiddo use a hammer to knock away the ice.

This simple sensory activity is a great way to introduce kiddos to concepts such as solids and liquids, hot and cold, frozen vs. melted, and on and on this could go.