I love thinking of ways to incorporate learning opportunities into our regular daily routines. For example, we do a lot of reading aloud while we’re gathered around the table eating.

This approach works well for our family, and as I began to think of ways we could extend it in our home this year, I started thinking about our bath time/bed time routine.

The answer to that question was the Bedtime Basket! What on earth is the Bedtime Basket and how does it work?

How could we use this time in the evenings to engage with our children even more?

Well, what I did was gather a variety of items from my homeschool closet. Here are a few ideas you might like! - a few picture books - bedtime math - a small matching puzzle - an animal activity

After bath time is over, it’s time for the bedtime basket. Each child takes one turn (per night) choosing something they want to do, and the entire family engages in the activity together.

I swap a few items out for new ones, once again making sure to include a variety of items that will not only peek the interest of my older kiddo, but the younger ones as well.

If you have older children like we do, maybe your older ones can guide or teach the younger, which serves as a fantastic learning opportunity for everyone involved.

There are so many options for making this work well for your family. The key to Bedtime Basket Time going smoothly is starting it early enough.

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