Birthday Party: Painting Party

For our baby girl’s first birthday party, we had the sweetest “This Little Piggy Went to Market” birthday brunch. Later that evening, we celebrated our boys’ birthdays with a casual cookout and a painting party!

If you have kids with birthdays close together, and your family all lives out of town like ours does, I highly recommend one big day of birthday celebrating with family!

I created the invites with Courtney from Anderson Custom Designs. She does an amazing job of breathing life into my ideas!

Birthday Party Invitations

- Hot Dogs - Chips & Dip - Sweet Treats

On the Menu:

Quick Tip: The week of the birthday party, I place a pickup order with Sam’s Club. This makes it easy to drive thru and pick up all of the food I’m going to need for the party.

When it came to the decorations, I let my boys’ favorite colors be my guide. Caleb’s favorite color is orange, and Isaac’s favorite color is blue, so orange and blue balloons were a must.

And then I filled little buckets with items I had found while keeping my eyes open for the past several months: orange and blue flashlights, orange and blue yo-yos, orange and blue calculators, etc.

While everyone spent time hanging out that evening, the boys enjoyed a few art activities. I had gifted them with all things Crayola, and they got busy painting and coloring.

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