Birthday Party with Ice Cream Theme

Each year, since my oldest turned one, birthday season has included one big family birthday party! Our relatives live out of town, so we invite them down for one big bash and celebrate all together.

As our family has grown, this has been extra helpful—one day, one theme, one cake, and a whole big mess of presents from the grandparents.

We highlighted Amelia's first birthday while also celebrating her brothers and sister.

My cake dreams were brought to life thanks to Melissa Danforth, and you know chocolate chip cookies from Chick-fil-a are always a part of any celebrating we do around here.

Usually, the night before our family rolls into town, I prep the party table. This way, everything is just about ready to go when they arrive.

The table is usually home to most of the food, and drinks are usually set up on the kitchen island.

My party decor typically includes Amazon Prime boxes wrapped in paper that coordinates with my theme.

I simply use them to give height. This sweet sprinkles-themed paper is from Hobby Lobby – so are most of the other decorations and candies.

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