Books about the Four Seasons for Young Readers

I’ve always loved sharing books by the season! If you’re interested in book recommendations for books to enjoy with your kids through different times of the year, you might enjoy checking out.

I’m sharing a handful of different four-season book series that I think you’ll love.

These little seasonal collections have been favorites in our house for a few years now. My older boys even enjoyed them when they were younger!

First up is this fun weather set by Scholastic:

- Learn about Rain - Learn about Sun - Learn about Wind - Learn about Snow

I originally found this set secondhand. I’ve spotted a few online, but this series may be a little tricky to easily gather at this time.

Next up, the Let It... series – this set is so much fun to read aloud with little ones.

- Let it Rain - Let it Shine - Let it Fall - Let it Snow

Next up, this faith-based alphabet set of four seasons books. These books will also capture the interest of kids who are beyond that stage.

- God’s Springtime Alphabet: K is for Kite - God’s Summertime Alphabet: F is for Fireflies - God’s Harvest Alphabet: P is for Pumpkin - God’s Wintertime Alphabet: S is for Snowman