Carrigan Farms – Mooresville, NC

The first time we ever went strawberry picking, it was at Carrigan Farms in Mooresville, North Carolina. It was a first-time experience for all of us, and we had a lot of fun.

Even our youngest (at the time) enjoyed this outing…in his own way, of course – running up and down the rows!

I’m not sure I remembered that the flowering part of a strawberry plant looks like this.

It was great learning new things, and we left with a gorgeous batch of strawberries and some asparagus.

The farm was also selling batches of asparagus, and we threw it on the grill as soon as we got home. After dinner, we used a little antique strawberry huller to prep some strawberries to use on top of shortcake.

There’s more you need to know about Carrigan Farms! They offer other pick-your-own produce options, They offer hayrides.

They’re the perfect spot for field trips…and they have an AWESOME rock quarry area where you can swim!

YES! It is beautiful, and the second our kids are old enough to enjoy this part of the farm, it’s on!