Create Cheeseball Kits in 3 Easy Steps

Any time of year is the perfect time of year to deliver special treats to your neighbors. Throughout the holiday season, we love to share Cake Mix Cookies, Snowman Snack Mix, etc.

I can’t wait to show you how I’ve started creating Cheeseball Kits that our friends and neighbors have loved all throughout the year!

Step #1: Smooth an even layer of the cheeseball mixture across the bottom of your container.

Step #2: Cover the cheeseball mixture with a piece of wax paper that has been cut to size.

Step #3: Top with a plastic bag full of yummy snack crackers.

Step #4: When your cheeseball kit is complete, take a little extra time to attach a meaningful note of some kind!

What a perfect opportunity to reach out to your neighbors with warm holiday wishes and gratefulness for their kindness all throughout the year!

When delivering this type of treat, make sure to put it right in the hands of your neighbors! You don’t want this delicious combo to spoil on their front porch or in their mailbox.