Smarties Candy – Quick Cleanup Idea

We have Moms doing too much, because we have kids doing too little. I heard this quote a few years ago, and it has stuck with me ever since.

As a mom, I like to think of age-appropriate ways to include my children in household chores. It’s helpful to me – but it also teaches my kids all kinds of great things!

I want them to learn how to: - Take care of their things. - Respect other people’s things. - Clean up after themselves. - Help someone else clean up a mess. - Work together as a team…as a family!

When I am feeling overwhelmed by the mess around me, we all get movin’ – together!

Sometimes this means a quick cleanup session just before nap time and then again in the evening before our bedtime routine begins.

Step 1: Open a pack of Smarties, and let your kids know that for every 10 items they pick up, they are going to get a Smartie!

Here’s a Quick Cleanup Idea that has worked great around here!

Say “GO”, and off they’ll go racing (if they’re competitive like my boys) to clean up as much as they can as fast as they can!

Step 2:

As they work, enthusiastically hand out those Smarties as they come running back to you each time – yes, until the whole pack is gone!

Step 3:


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