I’ve never done a Day in the Life post. I’ve shared our routines and peeks inside our day-to-day to day, but I thought it would be fun to share what a typical homeschool day looks like in our house.

As I’m sure you’ve probably experienced in your own home life, each stage and season tends to look a little different for us.

I’m hoping this general overview of our day will give you some inspiration as you seek to establish rhythms in your own homeschooling life.

On a normal day, I wake up before my kids. I start the day slowly with a cup of coffee and some reading usually from my Bible and another non-fiction book I’m reading.

We talk about all of those kinds of things! This helps everyone know what to expect and brings a certain calm as we get started with the day.

After prayer, the boys grab their To-Do Lists. And get started with their independent work for the day. Take a peek here to see how we use these To-Do Lists.

I love this time of reading and exploring new things with the little ones, and I ask the older kiddos to try to hold their questions until I’m finished with their younger siblings.

When I’m finished with what I had planned for the younger kiddos, it’s time for them to play independently while I begin going over work with the older kids.

At this point, it’s usually time for lunch. We keep it simple usually sandwiches and fruit or something like that.

After lunch is finished and the kitchen is tidied a bit, we head to the living room to read together! This is when all together as a group we read for Science or History.