Domestic  Newborn Adoption

We look forward to keeping our community here posted on how things are going with our adoption process. You have been such an encouragement to us over the years, and we are beyond grateful for your support as our family takes this step.

Over the past few years, there have been seasons where we have talked about the idea, researched it a little bit, and prayed about it together.

Adoption: Home Study

Now that our home study steps are complete, we have officially gone active with our adoption consultants. This means we are now seeing cases!

Adoption: We’re Active!

When we say yes, our profile book is shown to the expectant mother, along with the profile books of all the other families who have said yes to the same case.

Adoption: Saying Yes

At this point, we have been seeing cases for about seven months. Due to the ongoing upheaval in our country, cases have been much slower to come in than they typically are.

Adoption: Still Waiting

This time around, the paperwork doesn’t feel as overwhelming. For each piece that has needed updating, we’ve known what to expect and have been able to tackle it fairly quickly.

Adoption: Updating Our Paperwork

This post may feel a little heavier than our adoption updates usually do, but honestly, we're feeling pretty weary of the process at the moment.

Adoption: The Waiting is Hard!

It’s been almost two years now since we have shared about how this time of waiting has felt for us. Well, friends, we continue to wait, and in our waiting, we can’t help but wonder what God is doing.

Adoption: What is God doing?

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