Dramatic Play: Soup Kitchen

In a world of takers, we want to raise givers! In a culture of "What can others do for me?" we want to encourage a spirit of "What can I do for others?"

How can we encourage this spirit of giving? By modeling it and inviting our kids in to participate with us!

Collecting diapers and wipes for the amazing moms at our local pregnancy center.

Our Two Most Recent Service Projects:

And collecting non-perishable food items for the families who eat lunch at our local soup kitchen.

Grocery pick-up is my current M.O., so I ordered lots of items and then set up a pretend grocery store in my kitchen.

Dramatic Play: A Grocery Store that Helps the Soup Kitchen!

To involve my boys in filling a bag that they would then be able to carry with their own two hands!

The Goal of this Soup Kitchen Service Project

I wanted them to walk into the soup kitchen with me and be a part of the giving. The next day, we drove over to the soup kitchen and together, we delivered the items.

Our family is passionate about serving together, and we make an intentional effort to bring our children face-to-face with as many different opportunities as possible.

The Family Who Serves Together

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