Erupting Rainbow Science Experiment

This Erupting Rainbow Science Experiment is perfect for little kids as well as big ones, and the best part? It’s a super easy activity to put together.

Begin by gathering your supplies:

– vinegar – baking soda – food coloring – an ice cube tray or two – a couple of cups – a plastic bin

We got started by letting the boys put a smidge of baking soda down in each section of their ice cube tray.

Next, I added a drop of food coloring to each section.

No particular order or anything, I just randomly made colorful drops.

Now…for the erupting rainbow part…I let each child pour cups full of vinegar all over their ice cube tray,

and each section fizzed up with colors everywhere!

Not only are these ingredients great for science experiments, but I also use a mixture of the two in my laundry as well as when I’m cleaning in the kitchen.