Fine Motor Skills: Activities for Little Hands

Without us really even thinking about it, we begin working on fine motor skills with our little ones. From the time they are babies, fine motor activities are naturally woven into their daily routine.

And as my kids have gotten older, I have enjoyed providing them with even more opportunities to practice these skills.

The letter mats from ABC Jesus Loves Me have been perfect for teaching letter recognition and more. I printed mine on heavy cardstock and laminated them, and we have used them over and over again.

Along with these mats, we have used a variety of objects to explore the shape of each letter with rolling out and shaping play dough being a favorite for strengthening little hands.

In addition to rolling out and shaping play dough, one of my kids’ favorite fine motor activities is rolling it out and CUTTING IT!

Fine Motor Skills…Hand-Eye Coordination…Concentration…practice with all of these things is also built in to this super fun and super colorful Cereal Stacking Activity.

Not only has this activity been fantastic for encouraging letter recognition but rolling out the play dough and using small stamps to create is also an excellent fine motor activity.

Letter Stamping & Word Stamping!

Play dough has come in handy for many of our favorite fine motor activities.