Homeschool Preschool for a Four-Year-Old

Children learn best through play as well as through interactions with others, I thought it would be fun to have just a few minutes each day dedicated to these learning activities.

Definitely something that can be practiced while simply playing and reading books aloud with your little one, but I decided to take it a step further – just for fun.

This will provide you with tips and ideas that will make it possible for you to navigate the Four-Year-Old Homeschool Preschool at home with your child.

For the four-year old year, I like to focus on the following areas:

Recognizing/Tracing/Writing Letters

Recognizing and Applying Vowel/Consonant Sounds

Recognizing Sight Words & Reading CVC Words

Identifying/Drawing Basic Shapes

Recognizing/Tracing/Writing/Counting Numbers to 100

What Resources Do I Use?


During breakfast each morning, we read a story from one of these, and it serves as the perfect way to kick off our morning.

Our Favorite Scripture Memory Practice Ideas:

Read Aloud – Read Aloud – Read your verse(s) aloud before meals, before bedtime, while you’re sitting in the car, and while you’re waiting at the doctor.

Share – As they learn new verses, they love sharing them with their family in this way, and we enjoy watching them get to celebrate their accomplishments.


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