Homeschooling Kindergarten

Around here, we embrace a year-round family-style approach to homeschooling – a 365-day-a-year round-the-clock approach to living and learning together.

I love how educational opportunities can so naturally be woven into our day-to-day life, and I’m excited to give you a glimpse into what that looks like in our house during the kindergarten year.

What Resources Do I Use?


We have made Scripture Memorization a part of our daily homeschool routine.

Our Favorite Scripture Memory Practice Ideas:

Read Aloud

For most kids, this alone will be enough for them to quickly memorize the passage you have chosen for them.

Our kids enjoy acting things out, putting on puppet shows, making videos of themselves on their tablet.


Our Favorite Scripture Memory Resources:

While there are so many incredible resources out there, my absolute favorite is Steve Green’s Hide ’em In Your Heart Collection.

Scripture Music

There are so many great little songs/videos available online that are fun to use for Bible Memory practice.


Language Arts

For Phonics, we use Abeka, and for the Kindergarten year, we use their Letters & Sounds K5 workbook as well as all of their Phonics Charts, Blend Practice Cards, and Word Cards.


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