Hot Wheels: Driving Through the Snow

Painting with Hot Wheels Cars is nothing knew around here and this little added twist makes it even more fun!

We decided to use our Hot Wheels Cars to go driving through the snow!

I gave my kiddos (and my husband because he wanted to join in the fun!) a piece of black construction paper, a Hot Wheels Car, and a little snow drift (a quarter-sized blob of white paint).

When everyone had everything they needed, I told my crew to Start their engines!

My kids loved slipping and sliding their cars all over the place as they went driving through the snow which had been given to them on a plastic work tray, of course!

When it comes to messy activities, I’m all in – as long as the crazy stays somewhat contained.

It’s so fun to get creative and use all kinds of different objects for painting – like forks.

And these super fun texture brushes I shared in this grouping of fun paint supplies for kids!

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