3 Ways to Thrive as a Full-Time Mom

Spending your days at home with little ones can be sweet in a million ways, but it can also be difficult!

I have discovered 3 Ways to Thrive as a Full-Time Mom, and anytime I start to sense that I’m a little off track, I come back to these three things, and they work every single time!

Before you can truly thrive in service to your family, it is important to wholeheartedly embrace your role as mommy to your little ones, resting secure in God’s design for the home.

Rest secure in your calling!

As you consistently focus on serving your family well, you will be tremendously blessed, and your children will reap benefits that you may never see on this side of eternity.

I once read a piece of advice that encouraged moms to make their children belly laugh—at least once a day! I love that! I decided that I would make this my goal.

Don’t forget to laugh!

Laughing with my kids is medicine for my soul, and learning to laugh at myself is even better.Now that’s even better medicine! The best thing we can do for our family is lighten up a little bit, relax, and laugh!

It is so easy to become discouraged and spend too much time focused on the hard parts of investing your family, but when I find myself doing so, I try to remember that my hard work is actually someone else’s dream.

Always be grateful!

Fellow mamas, what if suddenly all of these things were stripped from us? Would we wish we had been more grateful for even the difficult moments? Yes, the ones who can drive us crazy sometimes.

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