How We Use Abeka Phonics in Our Homeschooling

Of all the phonics programs I have interacted with over the years, Abeka’s is most definitely my favorite!

Not sure what resources to buy? Not sure how to get organized? Not sure how to homeschool multiple kids? This book will answer your questions and more!

How We Use Abeka Phonics will give you a glimpse in to the specific items I order from Abeka and how I use them in our homeschooling.

Do I purchase entire curriculum kits?

The answer is no. Starting at the preschool level, I pick and choose certain items that I like to use to achieve various learning goals that I have for my kids.

Two-Year Old Preschool

For the two-year old year, I like to focus on the alphabet: a letter-a-week works well for us!

We stick with very simple hands-on activities (things I already have around here or easy ideas I’ve spotted on Instagram or Pinterest), and workbooks are not a part of what we do each day.

Abeka Phonics: Three-Year Old Preschool

For the three-year old year, I like to continue the letter-a-week concept – focusing on one letter of the alphabet each week.

Abeka Phonics: Four-Year Old Preschool

We kick off the four-year old year with the Writing with Phonics K4 Workbook as well as Phonics Charts 1 & 2.

We have also enjoyed using the Little Book Collection that Abeka offers. While these cute little consumables are not a must, they have been a great supplemental item and an awesome confidence booster.