Ice Cream Themed Birthday Party

All four of our kids’ birthdays fall around the same time of year, so around here, the end of summer is known as Birthday Season. This year, an Ice Cream Themed Birthday Party it was!

As our family has grown, this has been extra helpful – one day, one theme, one cake, and a whole big mess of presents from the grandparents.

Usually, the night before our family rolls into town, I prep the party table. This way, everything is just about ready to go when they arrive.

The table is usually home to most of the food (Pizza was added to this table after these photos were snapped.), and then drinks are usually set up on the kitchen island.

My party decor typically includes Amazon Prime boxes wrapped in paper that coordinates with my theme.

This sweet sprinkles-themed paper is from Hobby Lobby – so are most of the other decorations (and candies) included in this post.

While I love snapping photos of my decor and capturing images of my birthday babies, the pictures in this post were taken by my incredibly talented friend.

This one of our family is so precious to me, and she also snapped some of our kids with grandparents, but we’re keeping those photos under wraps for now.