Keeping Younger Siblings Busy

Other homeschooling moms often ask me how to keep younger siblings busy while homeschooling older kids.

I want to share some different ideas that have worked well for us in different seasons of our homeschooling.

The first thing I want to explain is how much easier it is to juggle multiple-age kids when you first consider how much you can possibly do together as a family.

At the start of the morning, provide the younger children with plenty of hands-on attention (hugs and kisses) with the intention of filling their "love tanks."

Ideas that Might Work for You

Here’s where you can read your Bible passage, a science book, or a history read-aloud with those little ones right there with you.

It’s amazing what little ones can learn during mealtime

Use that time to engage in one-on-one instruction or learning activities with your older children.

Do you have an itty bitty baby that still takes a midmorning or afternoon nap?

Maybe your older children could work on an activity or project with the mommy’s helper while you engage with your younger kiddos.

Have you ever considered using a “Mommy’s Helper”?

Rotating the bins can be a great way to keep kiddos engaged while you work with their siblings.

Have you considered putting together a variety of “Busy Boxes” to keep younger siblings busy?

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