If your kids are as crazy over Legos as mine are, then this Lego Color Sort activity will be right up their alley! All you need to get started is some construction paper and some Legos, of course!

Choose the colors you would like your kiddos to sort and lay out coordinating pieces of construction paper!

You can use masking tape to tape them to a table top or to the floor, and then let your kids get started!

This was the perfect opportunity to talk about how colors can come in different shades but still be similar.

Color Sort Supplies:

Construction Paper Lego Mega Blocks Plastic Play Food

Play Food Color Sort The amount of play food we own completely overwhelms me sometime, so I’m thrilled when we find a great way to work all of it in to our learning!

We spent some time talking about each piece of food – Was it a fruit or a vegetable? Why? Why not? How do you know? I love asking my littles those kinds of questions! Their answers are the best!

Maybe you don’t own any Legos…or any crazy amounts of play food…but I’m sure you have something at home that your kiddos could sort by color!