Minimalist Homeschooling

Minimalist homeschooling means defining your educational priorities, and then doing the hard work of discerning whether your time, curriculum, and environment align with those priorities.

If your current homeschool lifestyle is filled with homeschool supplies shoved in every drawer and shelf, it can be daunting to figure out how to start your minimalist homeschool journey! Here are some solid first steps.

Minimalism isn’t just “less for the sake of less." It’s intentionally choosing what's most necessary and important and making those things your priority.

Define Your Priorities.

Rather than looking at your long list of subjects and activities and trying to figure out what to cut, start instead from a blank slate.

Start From Zero.

Then, consider each subject or activity separately, determining whether they align what your values for homeschool life. If they do, then add them to your list.

Which subjects are the most important ones to cover? These subjects, then, should receive most of your budget and time. Or, consider how subjects overlap.

Be Intentional With Subjects.

Pare Down Your Stuff.

Do they align with your homeschool priorities? That should the lens through which you look at your homeschool materials – not their aesthetics, not how popular they are on social media.

Instead of joining every sport and club, choose just one or two that are important to your child. Perhaps set a boundary that only one child can be in an extracurricular at a time.

Limit Extracurriculars.