My Coupon Routine: Why I’m Not an Extreme Couponer

My Coupon Routine will give you a glimpse in to how I do things, and I’ve made sure to include my best tips and favorite resources!

My Coupon Routine: Step-by-Step

I take a quick look in the pantry and consider the meals I would like to make over the next handful of days/weeks.

Step 1: Create a grocery list!

If there is a coupon for an item I am planning to purchase now or in the very near future, I print it!

Step 2: Gather your coupons!

In addition to printing coupons, I also like to raid my mom’s coupon stash! She maintains a stash of coupon inserts from her local paper.

Step 3: Clip them apart and file them in an accordion envelope.

I organize the coupons by item and section of the store.

Step 4: Prepare to Shop!

I do most of my grocery couponing at Harris Teeter – Without coupons, Harris Teeter is definitely not the cheapest place to shop.

Step 5: Head to the Store!

Once you have made your grocery list, gathered your coupons, and checked out the deals for the week, you are ready to shop!