In this post, I’m sharing a handful of different games your kids might enjoy. Some of them at one time were actually considered video games – Get ready for some blasts from the past!

These games do not require the internet.

That’s right No-Internet Game Ideas for your kids! Many of them are available in the form of a stand-alone hand-held device – and we have found them to be great options for roads trips especially.

First up, this game takes me back to the Game Boy days – a little hand-held Tetris game. Boy, do I wish I still had my original Game Boy. It was a huge mistake to get rid of that little gem.

Next up, remember Simon? Oh my – this game has always had a way of making me a nervous wreck! ha! Anyone else?

Another favorite: Bop It! A years ago, I spotted these at a yard sale and grabbed them up for my kids. I never felt like I was very good at this game, but my kids have really liked this one.

Now for my all-time favorite: Pac-Man! This one includes a few different games, and I’m tellin’ ya, my born-in-the-80’s self just loves it.

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