No-Spill Bubble Wand Hack

I never buy the bubble wands! I know better. Early on in my parenting journey, I thought those giant bubble wands looked fun. They had to be a favorite, right?

One time, I even took a few of them on vacation with us. I thought a giant bubble wand would be fun for my kids to play with on the beach.

Those fun-looking bubble wands do nothing but lead to upset and tears – all while your child’s bubble mixture sits spilled out on the ground.

My kiddos have continued to receive them as gifts from relatives and as party favors at get-togethers and celebrations.

One day while I was outside with my little girls who were begging to play with the new Minnie Mouse bubble wands their grandmother had gifted them.

The water bottles were sitting on our patio tables at just the right height for my little girls to hold onto them with their hands.

Leave the bottles on the table, girls. See how they help bubble wands stand up tall? Okay, keep your hands on your own bubbles.

It may not be the perfect solution in every situation that involves this common parenting dilemma.

In fact, you may even still have a spill or two somewhere in the process (especially if your child refuses to leave the water bottle on the patio table).

This quick and simple in-the-moment idea sure did help to reduce the spilled-bubble drama that is so often associated with these bubble wands.