Organizing Homeschooling Supplies

Organizing homeschooling supplies can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if your teaching style is similar to mine.

Playing educational games with my kids has proven to be the perfect way to tie our family game nights into our homeschooling lifestyle.

Do you need to reduce the amount of homeschool supplies you have? I have worked hard to consider keeping the very best things and reducing some of the fluff and extras.

Our Homeschool Closet When we built our home, I knew I was going to want what I’ve always called a Homeschool Closet – a place for my homeschool curriculum and teaching resources.

With having multiple kiddos going through our homeschool (and the hopes of continuing to grow our family), having these bins organized by overall categories is very helpful.

These bins have been organized this way for years, and I’ve never had a reason to make a change. It’s also good for me to be able to easily see into the bins.

Below the wire-shelving are the IKEA shelves, and this is where I store homeschool materials, teacher manuals, and our books by topic or season.

A couple of the shelves hold our special seasonal books. For our family, this includes: – Fall/Thanksgiving – Christmas/winter – Spring/Easter

The tops of these shelves have been great for holding educational games, puzzles, supplies for science experiments, etc.