Our Family Field Trip to Williamsburg, VA

We adventured to Williamsburg, VA – a family vacation, yes, but also the most perfect homeschooling field trip. We kicked things off at Busch Gardens – lots of map reading happened here!

We didn’t even end up using our media passes, because we took advantage of their preschool program and then purchased season passes for the rest of us. The pricing was a no-brainer for sure!

In addition to rides, rides, and more rides, we also spent a lot of time in Colonial Williamsburg.

A huge portion of my oldest’s history book was literally brought to life before our eyes. There is so much that we’ve read about that we will read more about it this year. It was fantastic!

I would highly recommend making the trip. Even with little ones, we were able to experience so much – letting them run around in open fields as needed, of course.

My best tip for traveling with kids? Give them breaks before they start letting you know they need them – and snacks, lots and lots of snacks.

Another special part about this trip was exploring some of the local parks in the area. We simply Googled nearby parks and hit two or three different ones.

This was a great way to decompress in the evenings gifting us with even more time outdoors.