Our Family’s Laundry Routine

Today, I’m sharing Our Family’s Laundry Routine which includes my favorite tips and tricks that have been the ticket to keeping this chore manageable here in our home.

1. Simplify the closet(s)!

Sometimes I think one of the reasons laundry overwhelms us is because our closets get out of control!

2. Share the Load!

There are times when I’m able to throw in a load or two for him (and I don’t mind doing so), but for the most part, he tackles his own clothes.

Quick Tip: Not sure your hubby would be willing to do his own laundry? Ask him – not in an ugly way – but with a sincere explanation that you would really appreciate his help.

3. Assign baskets!

The girls share a big pink laundry basket that’s kept in their bedroom, and the boys each of their own blue and white striped laundry basket in their individual bedrooms.

When it’s time to do the laundry, the kids carry their baskets to the laundry room. (The boys take turns helping the girls with theirs!).

At this point with the boys, they have learned how to prep the washer for their load, toss in the clothes, and get things going!

When the washer finishes doing it’s thing, the boys are in charge of switching their load over to the dryer….


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