Paint Bags: Letters, Sight Words, Spelling Words, & More!

Paint Bags are a fantastic way to break away from pencil and paper and provide your kids with a sensory experience that will gift them with a chance to TOUCH letters, words, numbers, and more!

Squirt paint into a sandwich bag. I found that less paint worked better than more.

Make sure the bag is sealed tight. If you’re not so sure, double the bag.

Provide your child with a writing utensil. Q-tips work great!

Start writing.


Paint -  Don’t want to use paint? Try Shaving Cream, Pudding, Ketchup, or Mustard! Sandwich Bags Q-tips - Don’t have any Q-tips on hand? Your child’s pointer finger will work great, too!

On this particular day, my preschooler wrote uppercase and lowercase letters.

And my first-grade wrote sight words.


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